The secret to great sex- courtesy of Japanese sex experts… and a little help from nuru gel

The secret to great sex- courtesy of Japanese sex experts… and a little help from nuru gel

For those that are yet to try the erotic massage service that has taken the United Kingdom by storm, nuru massage really is the best way to wet your whistle…

Nuru massage is a Japanese style of erotic massage which is still relatively new in its practise. It was first discovered by world renowned erotic masseuse Miss Hamada who witnessed the use of nuru gel in luxury spa and bath houses. Traditionally nuru gel was used as a mega fancy body scrub for the rickets gentry in Japan, Miss Hamada recognised potential in the substance and decided to work it in to an erotic massage style.

What first intrigued Miss Hamada and what has proven to be the true strength of nuru massage is the very unique consistency of the gel. Nuru gel is not only devilishly slippery but also super sticky. This makes for the perfect sexually invigorating massage gel. Why? Picture this:

Sarah a talented and beautiful Japanese nuru massuse in a hotel in LondonA beautiful naked woman covers you and herself in nuru gel, massaging it into your skin and her own. She then climbs on top of you, allowing her body to make close direct contact with yours. She will use her ample assets as well as her professionally trained hands to continue massaging you. The sticky nature of the nuru gel makes contact much more intimate and drives sexual energy to unprecedented levels. The slippery nature of the nuru gel means the masseuse can also grind up and down your body, sliding her buttocks across your body, sliding breasts up and down your chest. Exploring each other’s bodies with the added sexual thrill of nuru gel is seriously like nothing you will have experienced before.

Not only does this massage style bring endless pleasure to the recipient but it opens up a whole world of sexual pleasure for you to discover. Nuru gives the entire body a sexual re-awakening, it lowers your inhibitions and fills you with such a degree of sexual ecstasy that you can experience multiple orgasms all over your body. The secret to great sex is to have complete and utter focus on pleasure. The intense nature of nuru means that it is nearly impossible to not focus on pleasure.  Getting a nuru massage with a trained professional masseuse means that you are also getting a professional lesson in sexual intercourse… (if you opt for full service of course!) If you have ever been interesting in expanding your sexual horizons a nuru massage is the way to go.

Can you do nuru at home?

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Nuru massage is traditionally a service solely provided by erotic massage parlours and naturally if you want to experience an ‘authentic’ nuru massage you ought to go to a parlour. That being said if you are interesting in giving nuru a go at home, it is the perfect way to spice up your sex life with your partner. The popularity of nuru has spread so far that you can actually purchase nuru gel for your own private use from places as easily accessible as Amazon! (What a world right?)

I would definitely not discourage you to give nuru a go at home. By purchasing nuru gel you can experience the amazing sensation of nuru gel and however you want to incorporate it in your sexual play is entirely up to you! There is no wrong way to use nuru (I wouldn’t advise you eat it though!) If you were to go to a parlour your trained masseuse would incorporate nuru in to a naked body to body massage as Miss Hamada instructed. Naturally you or your partner will not have the expertise to do this but you are more than able to throw nuru gel in to the mix and experiment with how it during lovemaking.

Is nuru gel safe?

Absolutely- in fact if you suffer from any skin conditions such as dryness, itchiness, psoriasis and or eczema nuru gel could really help! As I said earlier nuru gel started as a body scrub only used by the rich and famous- now you can get it on amazon! So really getting in to nuru could kill two birds with one stone- by increasing sex drive, heightening libido, reawakening sexual pleasure portals and will leave your skin soft and glowing!

What is nuru gel made of?

Nuru gel is made from Japanese seaweed called ‘nori’, it is the only natural product of its kind to have such a constincey. Beware if you do purchase nuru gel online that you are buying the authentic stuff- 100% nori seaweed.  Lab made nuru gel might work fine but I couldn’t tell you.

Where can I get a nuru massage?

There are many places that advertise nuru massage but if you want the real deal- an authentic nuru massage delivered by an authentic Japanese nuru masseuses and you happen to be living or visiting central London I would recommend you try Asian Massages London who offer a great range of London based Japanese Nuru massage sessions. Or call us now on 07823687012

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