Beat your winter ailments with a Nuru massage

Beat your winter ailments with a Nuru massage

Ah winter, the worst time of the year for getting sick and ill.  While we know we should keep warm, take part in regular exercise and eat a balanced diet to keep on top of our health, it’s often not enough to cure our winter ailments. However, this is where Nuru massage comes into play. The ridiculously hot Asian bodywork can go much further than fulfilling your horny cravings this February.

Bad posture

When the cold weather gets into our body it usually causes our neck, back and shoulders to tighten and tense, this only leads to one thing – bad posture. If you’re fed up of your shoulders hunchingnuru gel over this winter then look no further than Nuru. To commence a Nuru massage, the therapist warms the Nori gel with their soft hands and begins to lather in your bare skin. This massages out the tension and stimulates a fresh oxygen flow to the muscles, which encourages better posture.

Aches and pains

The dreaded colds and flus are rife in winter, which often causes aches, pains and niggles to become onset in just about any area of the body. However, if you’re fed up of copious trips to the pharmacy to pick up some paracetamol then why not opt for Nuru instead? It may sound a little silly, but there is strong evidence to suggest that Nuru is an effective alternative treatment for relieving your aches and pains. Massage triggers the rush of endorphins, which are informally known to doctors as the ‘body’s natural painkillers’. They work by masking the pain signals from reaching the central nervous system, which ultimately gives the receiver rewarding relief. And the benefits don’t stop there, a study by the University of Munster in Germany found that sex is a strong relievers of aches and pains. Therefore, do make sure you opt for Nuru with the full service to be really immersed into the full thrills benefits.

Immune system

influenza 2833622 6401And if you’re fed up of becoming ill in winter then a Nuru massage can help to beat the frustrating colds and flus before they become onset. This is because the mesmerising slide and grinds of the bodywork helps to increase the white blood cell count within the body. Scientists have proven that white blood cells are a vital component for strengthening the immune system against infection and disease. Massage also increases the oxygen and blood circulation which also helps to boost the immune system.  The more Nuru massages you have, the less chance you have of becoming ill this winter.

Low moods

The festive period is over, the days are short and the air is chilly – which can often lead to low mood at this time of the year. Not only is Nuru a treat and something to look forward to, the massage also contains benefits which have proven to uplift mood. Nuru techniques and orgasm boost the levels of serotonin and oxytocin within the whole body. When these hormones are released, positive thoughts and feelings are enjoyed by the receiver which can be long lasting. You’ll leave the parlour feeling ready to tackle whatever your day throws at you.

Enjoy a winter Nuru massage in Central London

Sammy a Nuru masseuse working in london for usHere at Asian Massages London we offer the orgasmic Nuru massages in all of our Central London parlours including Marylebone, South Kensington and Soho. The service is also available for outcall in various hot spots in the Greater London area. With us, you always get the five star treatment with the five star girls. As well as other various massage styles, our therapists have undergone intense Nuru training courses in the most elite massaging schools in Asia. Here they have perfected the art of seduction and Tantra before moving to the bright lights of London to tantalise the gentlemen of the city with their amazing talents. As well as being insanely talented, they are also insanely gorgeous too. It’s not unheard of for our masseuses to be former models in their native countries of China, Japan and Korea. Our Nuru packages are available from just £150 for a one hour session, with showering, the gels and towel use included in the price. Please call our agency to beat your winter ailments today! Call us today on 07823687012. We also offer a Nuru Massage Heathrow service incase you are just travelling to London! Get a premium massage before you leave!

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