Nuru Massage: Incall vs Outcall

london outcall and incall massage

Nuru Massage: Incall vs Outcall

Experiencing a Nuru Massage is often a once in a lifetime experience and is advertised as a luxury service by most London massage businesses. Using special gel which is slippery and stringy in texture, masseuses are able to use the curves of their body to send your senses into overdrive. This seriously arousing massage is the yellow brick road to the orgasm of dreams, but is also famous for its unprecedented spiritual and mental healing.  This uniquely powerful and erotic experience is the ultimate thrill- but it comes at a price.

Nuru Massages are not cheap; at least, they shouldn’t be if you want to experience it with a fully trained, expert masseuse.  The question is, is it better to get an In call or an Outcall Nuru massage? This is what we think:

Incall Nuru Massage

Con- Most salons have set opening times, so if you’re looking to get a message at stupid o’clock, it aint happening my friend!

Pro – If you live or work nearby, in call massage parlours are pretty handy if you want to grab a massage on your lunch break or after a busy day at the office.

Con- Unsurprisingly, a lot of men are hesitant to visit in call massage parlours because they have a terrible reputation- and for good reason. Although giving and receiving an erotic massage is completely legal, running a brothel is not. By law, if a business offering sexual favours has more than three members of staff on the books, it is technically classed as a brothel and is therefore forbidden in the eyes of the law. A paying client would not be prosecuted, it wouldn’t be great to be associated with that type of illegal activity, let’s be honest.

Pro – If you’re in a hurry, an outcall service is probably more convenient. Your masseuse will prepare everything for you, right through from preparing the gel to cleaning up the mess after you’ve gone, so if you’re feeling a little lazy, this is the way forward.

Con – Although you’re the one doing the travelling, we have found that on average, London in call massages are actually more expensive! Although the actual massage might be reasonably priced, most in call salons add on a fee for rental and electricity charges, because they still have business costs just like everyone else. Plus, at the end of the day, they charge you more just because they can. Think about it, they’re risking their ass by actually offering an in call service, so they’re going to bleed you dry of every single dime you own. The risk comes at a price- a price to you, that is.
Average cost of an In call Nuru Massage – £ 300

Outcall Nuru Massage

Pro- Nowadays, most London massage parlours offer an outcall service, whereby  masseuses can travel to a destination of your choice at a time that suits you.  They are designed for convenience, and work around your schedule, not the other way around. Most London Outcall services run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you never have to go without a massage as far as this is concerned. What’s more, most London salons don’t charge for travel costs- added bonus or what?

Con- If you’ve booked a massage for a specific time, there’s no guarantee your masseuse will be there on the dot. We all know what London traffic can be like, so if they’re travelling to you, this needs to be taken into consideration. Basically, if you’re running on a super tight schedule, this might be a little risky.
Pro- The best thing about an outcall massage is that you get to choose the location, whether it be a hotel, your office or your home. If you’re an erotic massage newbie, they can be a little intimidating at first, so what’s better than having a greased-up babe sliding all over you in a location that you’re familiar with and comfortable in? If you’re a nervous wreck, outcall services are far more reassuring, trust us. The masseuse is the visitor, not you.

Con- Although your masseuse will bring all the equipment needed to perform the Nuru Massage, it’s your job to clean up any mess afterwards. Although the masseuse will use a protective Nuru sheet or blow up bed, there might still be a little gel left over. I mean, let’s be honest, there’s going to be a lot of rolling around going on!  So basically, if you’re seriously lazy or have some weird phobia when it comes to cleaning up, don’t bother booking an outcall massage.

Pro- Want to be super discrete? Well, there’s no better way to get a Nuru massage than through an outcall service. With an outcall massage, you get to choose the location, so being caught by someone you know is easily avoidable. All you need to do is book a room at a hotel on the opposite side of London, and the pleasure will come to you- problem solved. More importantly, Outcall services are totally legal, so you’ll never have to worry about a policeman knocking on your day. If you want to keep your massage private, book an outcall.

Average cost of an Outcall Nuru Massage; £250

Our verdict

As you can see, there’s plenty of ways to go about getting a asian nuru massage so you’ll never have to go without. There’s pro’s ad cons for both in call and outcall massage services, but it all boils down to your personal preference. Unsurprisingly, we have found that outcall services are in higher demand these days because they seem to be the ‘whole package’, but in call salons are still widely used and available for those of you who are interested. Regardless of what you choose, prepare to sit back, relax and have your mind-blown; it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

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