10 Reasons You Should Try a Nuru Massage

10 reasons you should get a nuru massage

10 Reasons You Should Try a Nuru Massage

10 reasons you should get a nuru massage

A nuru massage is an extremely erotic style of massage. Now, erotic massages are meant to arouse the senses so use a variety of sensual techniques to excite the body towards orgasm. A nuru massage takes this to a new level. As well as using the hands, a nuru masseuse will use her entire body to massage the recipient’s. Yes, entire. Think grinding, pressing, sliding and rubbing with nothing but massage gel to separate the two naked bodies. It’s something every couple should try at least once and here are 10 reasons why.

1. Experience superior satisfaction

It doesn’t get much more arousing than two naked bodies pressed up and rubbing against one another. That’s why full body to body massages are much more enticing than your average oil massage. The hands are sensitive, but the body can twist and roll itself into different angles, apply more pressure and let’s face it – feeling another person’s warm body, skin and all of the curves pressed up against yours is a massive turn on.

2. Forms deep emotional connections

A nuru massage is an extremely intimate activity. Not only does the total naked skin contact encourage attachment, but in the eyes of the masseuse, you’re following your sexual instincts to pleasure your partner. In the eyes of the recipient, you’re trusting they don’t accidentally kick or injure you in any way. A nuru massage requires such a high level of comfort and trust that it’s impossible to not form deep emotional bonds with each other. Your bodies and instincts will be working in harmony to allow both of you to enjoy this activity.

3. It’s anything but boring

A nuru massage is such an unusual form of sexual activity, it’s impossible for it to ever get boring. You’re constantly exercising mental control, because you’re pressing your naked bodies against one another, but resisting the urge to rush things. Nuru gel is a unique formula that feels sensational on skin. It’s colourless, odourless and extremely slippery. The texture feels deliciously tantalising and you’ll feel the electric chemistry between your two bodies. Feel the heat like never before!

4. It’s non penetrative

Nuru massage doesn’t involve any penetration, so it’s a perfect activity for couples who don’t want to have intercourse. In fact, it’s even hailed to be “better than sex”. If you prolong your arousal and fight the waves of pleasure, you can experience mind-blowing orgasms. Or if you are intending to progress onto intercourse, it’s a great form of foreplay – in case the usual routine of oral play is getting a little repetitive.

5. It awakens the senses

The feeling of your lover’s bare skin sliding sensually along your body feels electrifying, but you can take it to the next level. Dim the lights, play some relaxing music and light scented candles. You can even blindfold your receiving partner – eliminating one sense enhances the others. By doing this, you’ll awaken the senses and your partner will quickoly become aroused as they lie there, anticipating and craving your touch. Dangle their desires just out of their reach and they’ll be begging you for more. If you succumb to your instinctual senses, you will also become more sensitive and each sensation will be intensified.

6. It’s exciting and new

There’s something so attractive about new things and nuru massage will be that remarkable thing that feels brand new every single time. Every time you try a nuru massage, you’ll discover a new pleasure spot and a new sensation that brings you and your partner closer together.

7. Explore undiscovered thrills

A nuru massage is the perfect way to rekindle fading sex lives. If you feel like sex is getting tedious and you’re left unsatisfied, a nuru massage can reverse all that and give back some of that spark. Because you’re both so exposed and using your bodies instead of your hands to feel each other, you can find new spots that turn you on.

8. Experience mind-blowing pleasure every single time

During a nuru massage, you’re constantly fighting back the urge to orgasm and taking it slow to prolong the experience. By the time you do climax, it’ll be a rush of pleasure that sweeps you off your feet and probably the best and most powerful orgasms of your life.

9. It’s good for you

What? Yes, you heard correctly! For once, you can actually enjoy something that’s good for you. The nuru gel is wonderfully moisturising and packed full of nutrients from the sea that help to replenish the skin. The massage itself is fantastic for relieving muscle aches, improving blood circulation, boosting nutrient/waste transportation, preventing cellulite and even improving the immune and digestive systems.

10. It helps with self-esteem and confidence

It takes a certain level of trust and confidence in yourself to feel comfortable enough to roll around naked on top of someone else. Sure, you might feel like a stripper at first, but look at how sexy you feel! And even if you think you’re not doing it properly, we can guarantee your partner will be turned on. When you see how aroused they are and you realise it was all because of you, you’ll suddenly be more confident.

So go ahead. Be brave and try a nuru massage! Check out some of our other posts on how to give your partner an erotic massage or try one with one of our nuru massages in London. From £130 an hour for eye-rolling pleasure, it’s hard to say no.


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