Tantric Massage

The Art of Tantra

The word “Tantra” is plastered everywhere in society now a days, in magazines, blog posts, social media and even adverts. However, how many people actually know what it means or where it derived from? Depending on which side of the world you are from, it...

The history of the tantric massage

The history of the tantric massage

Tantric Massage Many people often make the common misconception that a tantric massages are simply an erotic service that offer sexual pleasure. This is true, but it is so much more than this and also has huge health benefits. It can help you in so...

Perfect music for tantric massages in london list

The Top Music Albums For Tantric Massage

Before the massage can take place, the mood needs to be set. A warm, positive and calm environment is vital for a successful tantric massage session. Often, the room will be dimly lit with low lighting and warm, scented candles. Music plays a very important...

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