Get Positive with an Erotic Massage

Get Positive with an Erotic Massage

How to get more Postive with the help of Erotic Massage

Erotic massage therapy is a diverse and vibrant massage style that can be used for various different reasons by men from every walk of life.

A common misconception that many people have in regards to erotic massage therapy is that it is used by sex-crazed, cheating husbands or desperate teenagers for sexual satisfaction or pleasure. Of course, in some cases it doe serve this purpose, but in a lot of cases, it is used for other reasons.

In fact, erotic massage therapy has many positive outcomes and health benefits for men that can help them for many men across the globe. So, is it about time we dropped the stigma and started accepting the fact that it might be a good thing for the men of our world to experience?

We decided to ask some of our regular customers why they receive erotic massage therapy, or what initially drew them to this taboo past time to find out just why it has become so popular amongst men in the U.K over the last number of years.

If you are thinking about starting erotic massage therapy but feel as if it may be a little out of your depth or worried about having it for “not the right reasons,” then this article might help you.

Darius, 45 – “I started to have erotic massages as I felt very out of touch with my body. Every time I was intimate with a woman, my mind would be in one place while my body participated in a physical activity in what felt like a whole other realm. Asian massage therapy taught me to connect my mind and body, helping me feel pleasure not just physically but mentally too. The soft strokes of the masseuse while I surrendered my emotions and body to her helped me to rediscover myself and also learn about a new side of myself that I did not know was there. It taught me to be calm and patient, as well as appreciate of my body and the high levels of euphoria it can bring me. If you are feeling in any way, shape or form removed from yourself then erotic massage therapy can really help you overcome this.”

Matthew, 22 – “I have always been quite a shy guy, especially when it comes to speaking or interacting with women. Naturally, this had an impact on my sex life as I feared intimacy and was nervous that I would not be good enough in that department. I decided to start having erotic massages to help me build confidence in my performance and teach me how to be intimate with someone in a calm and safe manner. I enjoy having sensual massages or happy ending massages because they are simple yet effective and are good for beginners or those who may not have much experience. I have made huge improvements thus far and am very thankful to Asian Massages London for introducing me to erotic massage therapy.”

Peter, 45 – “Growing up I always wanted the best career, the fastest car, the top-notch house in central London and the beautiful wife. Luckily I worked very hard and achieved most of this, and unfortunately, my time and effort towards this meant I didn’t have time to find the beautiful wife. Now that I am semi-retired and at times get very lonely, I owe it to erotic massage therapy for helping me feel a sense of companionship and enabling me to connect me another person on a physical and mental level. I always opt for the lingam massage as it is very personal and makes me feel close to the therapist, as well as the fact that is is highly pleasurable. It is nice knowing that at the end of a long day I can visit my local Asian massage parlour and get exactly what I want; hassle-free and without any judgement towards my lifestyle choices.”

Erotic massage therapy can be combined with an extensive list of other massage styles to bring you experience and an orgasm of a lifetime. We are open 7 days a week from early in the morning until late into the night, therefore no matter what time of the day it is we will be able to cater to all of your needs and desires! 

Want to read more about our amazing Incall or outcall Erotic massages we offer? Have a look at our Oriental incall or outcall Erotic massage service page! Or give our friendly reception team on 07823687012.

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