Sensual massage your way to success

Sensual massage your way to success

How a sensual massage can assure success!

Let’s be honest, our work ethics usually take a tumble around the summer period. With constant beer garden weather, long summer nights and everyone jetting off here there and everywhere it Mira a high-class incall masseuseseems the last thing we want to be doing is working. If you’re struggling to find the motivation this August then a massage with us could be the answer to all of your problems. Gentlemen, it’s time to sensual massage your way to success.

So what is sensual massage you may ask? Well, the soothing bodywork is a romantic form of the erotic massage, hailing from China more than 4000 years ago. It commences with a relaxing full body rub down followed by the stimulation of the erogenous zones. In many parlours in the UK, sensual massage is performed by oriental masseuses to maintain the authenticity of the treatment. Sensual massage can often be enjoyed with happy ending (hand-relief) or full service (oral and intercourse). This allows the client to take the fun as far as they desire. So let’s get straight down to business, how does sensual massage make you successful?

Improves your sleeping pattern

double bed 1215004 640The hot summer nights are great until it gets to bedtime. Studies suggest it takes 40 per cent longer to get to sleep during the summer than any other season of the year. This often leads to you feeling lethargic, lacking motivation and feeling irritable – not what you need when you’re facing a full day at the office. However, instead of tossing and turning into the early hours opt for a sensual massage instead. Sensual massage techniques are ultra-unwinding and are designed to prepare every inch of your body and mind for a good night’s sleep. Also, the soothing strokes boost the body’s serotonin levels. Sleep doctors understand serotonin to be a vital component for getting a good night’s sleep. Therefore the more serotonin you gain, the better you zzzs you will have. This is all you need to set you up for a perfect day at the workplace.

No more stresses

town sign 1148092 640While a little bit of stress is healthy experiencing it in high doses can cause more harm than good. It can leave you with low moods, lack of interest in daily tasks and ultimately very sick. To perform your job to the highest of your ability it’s completely necessary that your stresses are kept to a minimal. This is where a sensual massage can help. Each sensual stroke is deliciously relaxing and is designed to harmonise your body, mind and soul to achieve the highest point of euphoric thoughts and feelings, ultimately leaving your stresses behind. Sensual massage also physically erases your niggles too. When we are stressed, cortisol (the stress hormone) builds in every area of your body, including your neck, back and shoulders. Sensual therapists are able to iron out the cortisol and replenish the muscles with fresh oxygen, ultimately giving the receiver rewarding relief. Scientists believe that regular sensual massage is the key to keeping your stress levels in check. This ultimately encourages more productivity within the workplace.

Less sick days

Of course, it’s simple, the less sick days you have the more successful you’ll be within your job role. So if you are looking for new ways to narrow down the dreaded unwanted days off then we greatly advise you to try a sensual massage. Scientists have proven that the soft, slow and seductive slides of sensual massage boost the white blood cell count within the body. White blood cells help to strengthen the immune system, which ultimately stands you in better stead for fighting off unwanted infections and illnesses. Sensual massage strokes also enrichen the oxygen and blood supply, which also keeps your immune system in powerful tact. And that’s not all, sensual strokes also eliminate aches and pains from just about anywhere in your body. So what’s the science behind this? Well, the gentle masseuse’s touch triggers the rush of endorphins, which disguise the pain signals before they reach the central nervous system. This ultimately subsides all aches and pains, rewarding the receiver with the best relief. Sensual massage is definitely the answer to rapidly decreasing your ill duvet days.

Are you ready to sensual massage your way to success? Then look no further than our five-star sensual services based in Marylebone, Seven Sisters and Bayswater – as well as our outcall service then runs all across the Greater London area. To gain information about our pricing, find out which girls are available or take the plunge and make a booking call our hotline today on 07823687012. Or why not have a look at our Oriental Sensual Hotel Massage page for more information about our sensual massage service?

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