Nuru Massage vs Body to Body Massage: Which Is Better?

nuru vs body to body massages

Nuru Massage vs Body to Body Massage: Which Is Better?

nuru vs body to body massages

Asia is renowned for many things – from its work ethic and creativity to its crazy fashion sense and technological advances. It’s also particularly well-known for its sexual appetite and general attitude towards sex. Erotic massage is one example – Asia is responsible for the creation of a fine-tuned method of providing mental, physical and sexual pleasure. Nuru and body to body massages are two erotic massages that are particularly popular in Asian red light districts because of their memorable nature.

Nuru and body to body massages were born in the Japanese Soaplands, a major part of Japan’s adult entertainment industry. When the laws surrounding prostitution changed in 1954, sex workers began selling erotic soapy body washes to clients instead of intercourse. This sensual bathing routine later evolved to more erotic rituals of masseuses rubbing their naked bodies against the clients, which became known as nuru and body to body massages.

The Main Differences Between Nuru Massage & Body to Body Massage

So we’ve established that nuru and body to body massages involve naked full body contact and that the masseuses use their whole bodies to massage the client as well as their hands. But what’s the difference?

Nuru massage is a very specific type of Japanese body to body massage that uses a special gel as opposed to oils (which is what body to body massages use). This special gel is specific to nuru massage. It’s made from the Nori seaweed – the same kind used in sushi but it’s odourless, colourless and doesn’t stain. The most curious thing about the gel is its consistency – it’s viscous, clear and extremely slippery. When mixed with warm water, it becomes thinner and even slipperier, making it perfect for body sliding (coincidentally, nuru massage is also known as the ‘body slide massage’).

Body to body massages use massage oils, which are slippery but not to the same extent as nuru. Masseuses won’t be able to slide their bodies against the client, like they can during a nuru massage, but they can still rub, stroke and grind.

There is less re-application needed when you use nuru gel. Gels stay for longer on the skin while oils are absorbed relatively quickly, so body to body masseuses will need to reapply massage oils quite often. However, the gel does dry when it’s in contact with air, so the body should be moist and the gel should be mixed with warm water before application. For this reason, nuru massages always begin with hot showers, so the skin is prepped for the gel.

So to summarise, the main difference is the gel or oil used. Nuru massage uses a special seaweed gel while body to body massage uses massage oils. Nuru gel is extremely slippery while massage oils are less slippery. This then means the massage techniques used are slightly different – nuru masseuses can freely slide, grind and rub with little to no friction, while body to body masseuses go for stroking and grinding with a touch of friction.

The Routine

There are some slight differences to the way nuru and body2body massage routines are carried out.

A nuru massage always begins with a hot shower or bath, usually with the masseuse. This helps to prepare the skin for the nuru gel, which works better when mixed with warm water and is in contact with a warm, damp surface as it helps it spread better. The shared shower session also helps to relax both the client and masseuse, encouraging stronger emotional connections and trust to be formed. This enhances the experience.

A body to body massage can start with a hot shower or bath. The warm water will soften the skin and open the pores, making it easier for the oils to be spread. However, water dilutes the oil, making it lose some of its lubricant nature, so the skin must be dried before the massage. For ease, body2body masseuses don’t often start with showers or baths.

The nuru gel then needs to be mixed with warm water until the masseuse has got the desired consistency. Massage oil is applied to hands, palms are rubbed together and then it’s applied to the skin. Apart from this, nuru and body to body massages are similar in their set ups and routines.

Both massages tend to end in showers or baths to wash the gel or oil off the skin. It also enhances the erotic experience and is a relaxing way to close the session.

The Sensations

Nuru and body to body massages both use a variety of rubbing, grinding, stroking and pressing motions. The feeling of someone else’s naked body rubbing against your own, feeling their warmth and all their curves and edges is very erotic and that’s what makes both massages so unique. They take erotic massage to another level.

Nuru massage is slightly more erotic due to the extremely slippery gel. The gel allows for minimum friction so the masseuse can literally slide up and down the client’s body. Nuru masseuses require a lot more flexibility and upper body strength than body to body masseuses due to slipperiness and lack of control. Because of the slipperiness, the masseuse can get into some pretty creative but sexy positions – all for the client’s pleasure. Also, nuru massage is so heavily featured on adult websites and is more commonly known for being a Japanese erotic massage. Because of these reasons, a nuru massage would be the more ‘exotic’ and fantasy-like option.

Our verdict

The two are very similar massage styles, but if you’re new to erotic massage or are more modest and apprehensive but still want to be daring, a body to body massage is a good option to help you ease into it. It’s more similar to typical erotic massages (its use of oils and range of massage techniques) but is still daringly sensual (the naked full body contact). If you’re an erotic massage veteran and you want a change or you live for the thrill, a nuru massage is certainly that. It’s exotic, erotic and the sensations are indescribably memorable. The feeling of someone’s bare skin sliding freely over your own is tantalising and body to body massage oils won’t allow for this level of slipperiness. If you want to experience pleasure in a new way, try a nuru massage.

So there you go – the differences between nuru and body to body massages. Which one will you try? Check out our oriental nuru massage & body to body masseuses here!


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