The Hype Behind Nuru Massage & Why it’s So Good

The Hype Behind Nuru Massage & Why it’s So Good

Nuru massage: the hype behind this erotic massage and why it’s so good

Nuru massage is probably one of the most well-known erotic massages. If you Google ‘erotic massage’, one of the first suggestions that come up are nuru massages. Even in pornography, the majority of erotic massage scenarios are nuru sessions.

So what is a nuru massage and what makes distinguishes it from the standard bevy of erotic massages? In the simplest terms, a nuru massage is a full body to body massage where the masseuse rubs her nude or semi-nude body against the receiver’s. The word ‘nuru’ originates from the Japanese word meaning slippery, and the nuru massage is also known as the ‘body slide’ massage. A special gel is used to allow the masseuse to slide freely over the body with minimum obstruction. This gel is made from the Nori seaweed, the same kind that’s used in sushi. But don’t let that put you off because this gel is odourless and colourless. It’s water-based, so mixing it with water dilutes it and it’s easily washed off clothing and skin. This nuru gel is highly slippery and after it’s diluted with warm water, is similar in appearance and consistency to ultrasound gel. The gel allows for maximum slide and minimum friction.

Nuru massages were born during the infamous Soaplands era in Japan. The Soaplands play a major role in Japan’s red light district and came into existence when laws were introduced that restricted prostitution. When the publically making a profit from sexual intercourse became illegal, the adult industry adapted by selling erotic massages and bathing sessions instead. That’s where the name ‘Soaplands’ came from. Nuru massages rose from this when sex workers discovered that the sensual full body contact was as erotic as sex itself and unsurprisingly, it was extremely popular with clients. Because of its popularity, this erotic massage form quickly spread to other parts of the world and these days, you can find nuru massage services in cities as far-flung as Bangkok, Amsterdam, Nevada and even London.

Nuru massages are erotic, sensual and super sexy. Unlike other ‘gentler’ forms of erotic massage, nuru massage involves full body to body and bare skin to skin contact, as opposed to the standard hand to body. Imagine this: someone else’s full body pressed against your own and being able to feel their warm skin and every warm nook and cranny. That’s how unique they are.

Because of the intimate nature of this massage, it can put off a lot of people. There is a certain stigma attached to parlours advertising erotic services, which is hardly surprising given the history behind the Soaplands and nuru massage. But all massage therapists, even erotic ones, are professionally trained and abide to particular standards of service. Erotic massages just happen to have more of a lenient view when it comes to sexual acts. In fact, erotic massages possess a lot of significant benefits that arguably trump some of the ones attached to traditional therapies.

Unlike traditional massage therapies, erotic styles treat the body as a whole, focusing on the sexual areas as well as the main body. In theory, massaging manually stimulates the body to improve blood circulation and relaxes the muscles, which results in states of physical and mental relaxation. But the lack of attention in the sexual areas may leave clients feeling somewhat unsatisfied.

Erotic massages, on the other hand, view the body as a whole object and stimulate sexual areas as well as the main areas so the result is more holistic. Because nuru massage uses the body as a massaging instrument, they are considerably more effective forms of sexual therapy as opposed to other erotic massages. The close skin to skin contact creates sensations that are described to similar to those experienced during sex.

nuru massage is really arousing

It’s crazily arousing

In some ways, a nuru massage is a non-invasive sexual act – foreplay, if you will. The thought that you’re this close to another naked human and every inch of your body is touching theirs, and yet you can’t have sex with them makes nuru massage a highly arousing type of foreplay. This close proximity will drive your mind and senses into overdrive. You’ll be overly aware of every sensation and that much more receptive to every touch.

It’s the perfect balance between intimacy and care-free sex

The strangest thing about nuru massage is although it’s intimate (you’ve got a naked person grinding all over your also naked body), it’s not overly so. The masseuse is touching you and you’re touching her, so have many before you. It’s the perfect way to experience intimacy and sexual satisfaction but without any of the feelings, emotions and cumbersome hassles.

It’s an eye opener

Nuru massages are such an unusual and somewhat taboo act, it’s impossible to come out of one with anything less than an open mind. This erotic massage can be experienced by anyone, regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. The arousing techniques used will help you open your sexual mind, discover new ways to stimulate your body and improve sex drive.

It’s completely de-stressing and relaxing

Like sex, a nuru massage has the ability to totally relax the body and leave the mind completely free of worries. Massages relax and ease the strain that’s been put on muscles. The naked skin contact is soothing and comforting. Because a nuru involves full body contact, you experience even more comfort and gratification, so you leave feeling thoroughly content.

You’ll be glowing head to toe

Like any other massage, a nuru massage stimulates and improves blood circulation. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to flow more freely across the body. As well as this, the gel that’s used in nuru massage does wonders for your skin. It’s super moisturising, hydrating and helps to keep skin smooth and supple. Regular nuru sessions will leave you with soft, glowing skin and a circulatory system that’s in tip top condition.

It’s physically and mentally satisfying

The deeply sensual strokes will leave both your body and mind in a state of intense tranquillity. Sexual arousal is inevitable during an erotic massage and particularly so during a nuru. Orgasms are often experienced (as is commonplace in a happy ending massage) and are warmly welcomed as they are one of most perfect solutions for stress. The slow, sensual build up involved in nuru massage helps create extremely intense and powerfully pleasurable orgasms. They’ll leave you in a state of relaxing euphoria.

So whether you’re single or in a relationship, a nuru massage can greatly help your sex life and overall sexual experiences. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try giving your partner a nuru massage, or book yourself in for a session with one of our professional masseuses. From £150 an hour, you can enjoy a nuru massage in the comfort of your own home at the well-trained hands of one of our professionals, if you are interested in this take a look at some of our nuru massage london girls on the on our main website to find soapy & nuru masseuses in London.

Go ahead and experience raw pleasure!


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