Nuru Massage DIY style: The cost

nuru massage on a budget

Nuru Massage DIY style: The cost

Nuru- probably an unfamiliar word for most, but it’s something that will become permanently implanted into your fantasy once you’ve finished reading this post. Originating centuries ago in Japan, this distinctive style of massage is not for the faint hearted. Covered in special, stringy Nuru gel, Nuru masseuses use the curves on their bodies to slide, grind and slither all over their client. Excited? Well you should be, because it’s actually better then you could ever imagine. However, good things often come with a hefty price tag, and Nuru massages are no different. Although worth every penny, hiring a fully trained expert for an hour will cost you between £200- £360 per hour, depending on the masseuse and their experience.
But how would feel if I told you that there could be a way to experience a Nuru without pissing off your bank balance too much? Fortunately for you, DIY Nuru’s are doable; all you need is some equipment and a lovely lady who’s willing to slide all over you. So, we are here to tell you how you can get your naughty Nuru massage without bankrupting yourself. Here’s what you will need for your DIY Nuru:

A lady friend- Free (hopefully)

you really should consider a nuru massage in london

This is where you get to select the lucky lady who gets to drench herself all over you. Fingers crossed, she will do it for free (so play it cool, okay?). Nuru massages involve a great deal of close body-body contact, so choose your make-shift masseuse with this in mind. Ideally, DIY Nuru’s are best for couples because they can be incredibly daunting and exposing for both the masseuse and subject. So feeling comfortable and at ease with your partner makes one hell of a difference!

Nuru Massage Gel


If you’re already thinking, ‘oh, we can get away with not buying any gel’, then you are delusional. Attempting a Nuru style massage without the gel is a recipe for disaster; never mind being virtually impossible. Basically, a Nuru is not a Nuru without the gel. Period.  Luckily for you, there’s plenty of brands out their which vary in price. Realistically, a 500ml bottle of gel is enough for your first couple of sessions, which is an accurate estimation if you’re first time Nuru-ers.
On a budget? Opt for the Intimateline 500ml bottle of Nuru gel which will cost you next to nothing- £15.71 to be exact. Alternatively, if you’re willing to fork out a little bit more for quality, the Megasol 500ml Erotic Nuru Massage Gel is the winner. It’ll set you back £28.22, but it’ll leave your skin feeling like a babies behind. Feel free to surf the web and browse other gels, but both of these particular brands are available on amazon and offer next day delivery. Easy like a Sunday morning!

Average Price= £21.97

A Nuru Massage Matress

a nuru matress

Although Nuru gel is odourless, colourless and does not stain, it still causes one hell of a mess! Unless you want to drench your carpets in Nuru gel, we’d seriously advise you purchased some kind of protective Nuru mat or inflatable mattress. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but these don’t come cheap… Ultimately, the extent of the price tag boils down to the quality of the mat.
If you’re only planning on using it a handful of times, the Passion Lubes Nuru Inflatable Vinyl Massage Sheet on amazon is your cheapest bet- £44.99. Then again, if you fall in love with Nuru as much as we think you will, you’re better off investing more into your mat- it’ll be cheaper in the long run. For an unlimited number of naughty Nuru’s, the Nuru Inflatable Mattress for Naturist Massage is the only option. Quality costs money, so you’re looking at spending around £84.99 for this brand, but just think, you can use it as an inflatable bed too!

Average Price: £64.99


candles for nuru massages

Before you get down to business, you need to set the scene. Just think of it as warming up before a workout- same thing. The key to creating a tranquil setting for your kinky massage is lighting plenty of candles and dimming the lights. For most people, candles are a basic household necessity so you probably have them at hand already. If you happen to be running low however, candles can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. For 12, prices can range from anywhere between £5 – £20, but you can make it even cheaper than that if you really want to (the pound shop is a good shout).

Average Price: 12.50


towels are needed for a nuru massage

Now, although you’ll have a protective mat by now, you’ll still need towels at hand that you’re more than happy to ruin. Although Nuru gel is easily washed out of cotton, excessive use can leave towels feeling oily after time, so the last thing you’ll want is to feel oily after your morning shower.  Unless you’re lucky enough to have a bank balance consisting of 6 figures or higher, don’t waste your money on high quality towels. They’ll be used to mop up any spillages or excess gel, but there’s no need to buy any more than two.  Just keep it cheap and cheerful.

Average cost: £15

Overall cost

They all say that money can’t buy happiness, but we definitely disagree. Money CAN buy you Nuru equipment and Nuru massages definitely make people happy. So yes, it can! Aside from being insanely hot and sexy, Nuru massages are actually sought out for their various physical and mental health benefits. Whether you’re depressed, stressed or have breathing problems, the effects of a Nuru massage could actually cure you. So, if you’re feeling adventurous but have a budget to stick to, give a DIY Nuru massage a go and see how far a couple of quid can go!

Want To Experince a Professional Nuru Massage

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