Take it to the streets – what does Tantric massage entail?

Take it to the streets – what does Tantric massage entail?

Tantric massage therapy is a wonderful bodywork enjoyed by SO many gentlemen across the world, but if you’re not ‘in the know’ with adult massage therapy you’ll probably struggle to know what Tantra really is. So for our pure amusement, we took to the streets of Marylebone to ask various gentlemen, young and old, what they thought Tantric entails…

Gary, 45, Broker:

When I think of Tantra, I imagine the lights being dimmed, gentle music playing in the background and copious mats being placed around a tranquil setting, maybe a small hall or dance studio. The ‘Tantra’ teacher will then come in and teach the people Tantric techniques, using a bit of yoga and meditation. The whole experience is definitely so relaxing it’ll send anyone to sleep!

Harley, 20, Scaffolder:

Isn’t that what old geezers get at them naughty saunas you see down Soho? I wanna try it myself, them Oriental birds who do Tantric massage are hot stuff!

Dale, 30, accountant:

I think I learnt about Tantra in history in school, doesn’t it originate from India or something? Basically, around 4000 years ago, India was a very poor country with not enough funds to cure theirA beautiful Tantric maseuse working in London sick people.  Indian doctors felt helpless as the lack of medicines meant many of their people were dying of minor illnesses that could have been easily cured. The government stepped in and worked closely alongside India’s best medical practitioners to try and find a solution, this was to be Tantric massage. They believed that illness was caused by too much Chi blocking the Sen lines within the body and without treating, the Chi build up with worse.  The Indians believed massage helped the lines become unblocked, which not only gave the sick patient rewarding relief but also harmonised their harmonised the body, mind and soul. Tantra ideologies teach us that when we are mentally and physically connected, our whole body and mind is as healthy as it can be – and that is why many people get a Tantric massage! Do I get a gold star for that answer?

Harry, 55, managing director:

Oh yeah, I know what Tantra is – in fact, I’ve been a regular Tantric massage goer for centuries. In London, Tantric massage is performed at various plush parlours in the city, which are usually authentic to oriental heritage. What goes on behind closed doors at a Tantric massage parlour, certainly stays behind closed doors. The masseuses who hail from China, Japan and Korea are all smoking hot and once guided to your private treatment room, they’ll strip off to their underwear to commence a saucy rubdown. The massage starts off somewhat similar to the standard Swedish massage, with the therapist kneading out a considerable amount of Chi from the less sensitive areas, including the neck, back and shoulders. Once they’ve unleashed the Chi from these areas, they manoeuvre their attention to the manhood. I’ll leave it up to your imagination what comes next, but I’ll tell you one thing – it’s certainly not PG that’s for sure!

Damien, 69, retired lecturer:

Not got the foggiest what Tantra is. Is it some daft ritual witches used to perform while all stood around the cauldron?

Davey, 25, sports therapist:

ae712d8a485047a4ca3e8b8532e5b93fMy face has just lit up, I learnt all about Tantra when I did a course a few years ago in massage therapy. So I understand Tantric massage to be a super spiritual massage which is based on the ideology that the male body is a temple, with the lingam (the Tantric term for penis) to be the most sacred spot of a man’s physique. To pay the respect that the male form deserves, massage is performed – paying particular interest to the erogenous zones. Not only is Tantric massage all about feeling amazing and respecting your body, but it also teaches you about self-control and builds you into a flurry of powerful orgasms. I’ve never got round to having a Tantric massage myself, but I’m definitely keen to try!

So we hope you’ve had as much fun as fun finding out what the gentlemen on the streets think Tantra is. If you want to find out Tantric massage really entails then visit our Oriental Nude Tantric Massage Service Page or experience the tantalising bodywork for yourself at our lavish Central London parlour or outcall across the city. To book, all you need to do is call our friendly booking agents today on 07823687012.

PS. We can assure you that Tantric massage is definitely NOT a ritual performed by witches!


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