The Art of Tantra

The Art of Tantra

The word “Tantra” is plastered everywhere in society now a days, in magazines, blog posts, social media and even adverts. However, how many people actually know what it means or where it derived A man performing tantrafrom? Depending on which side of the world you are from, it can mean very different things. Nonetheless, it has the same motives and ideals and is something that can be enjoyed by all.
Tantra first came to fruition in the Eastern world and is much different from other types of massages as it has a sexual nature and it also strives to take your body, mind and soul on a journey of healing and recovery. Eliminating physical and emotional tension within your body and mind while being sexually pleasured – What more could you want?
It is crazy to think how much negativity we allow in our minds and how we allow it to affect our mood and our life. This negative energy sometimes pushes us to act in certain ways due to pressure and stress and we can become a undesirable person to be around which is the last thing any of us want to feel like. Tantra and tantric massages allow us to be aware of our emotions and thoughts and help us to remove these bad energies we may have possessed and control our mood a lot easier. Instead of being stressed and aggravated, tantric massage offers you an alternative pathway which encourages you to have a positive mind-set, one that embraces life and celebrates sexual energy as well.
Tantra is often used in massage therapy to elevate and heighten all of your senses while making you feel less tense and healthier both mentally and physically. The masseuse often begins by asking you to remove your clothes and lie on clean bed, followed by rubbing cool, authentic Asian gels on your body to help create a relaxing ad soothing atmosphere. She will then begin to massage you, perhaps starting off slow and sensual, building up the pressure in her movements and tackling all your areas of stress and tension. It has a very sexual nature and strives for pleasure and enjoying the moments, without any expectations or aiming specifically for an orgasm and this ruins the whole journey. People have said by doing this, they often have a more intense and longer lasting orgasm.
Tantra is especially beneficial if you want to make your love making a lot more intense and passionate. It teaches couples and sexual partners to enjoy sex in the moment and be part of that moment together. Tantra teaches us to not be focused on timing or having an ultimate orgasm, but rather to enjoy the journey along the way. This allows us to be more of a union and encourages us to be intimate with one another on a much higher level. Both the male and female are taught about giving as well as receiving, viewing them both as a special gift for one another. Tantra in a way is not centred around sex even though it has a sexual nature; it is more about the feelings along the way and the bond it creates between the participants. It Is about channelling amazing and intimate energy between one another, celebrating the greatness of the world and your unification.
How do I have tantric sex? Tantra is not something that will happen straight away, it is a craft and a powerful, intimate way of life that takes time. Therefore, before you try it I advise you do your research, watch some videos and even partake in a Tantra workshop to reach the full potential it has to offer. However, here are some tips on how to begin a tantric sex life…

A couple holding handsMake eye contact with your partner – Although this might seem slightly awkward and maybe very up close and personal, you will feel a whole lot more connected with one another. Looking in to each other’s eyes gives you time to reflect on how amazing the moment is and allows you to appreciate how special Tantra. The eyes are a gateway to a person’s soul and Tantra is all about becoming one with yourself and enjoying sensual moments. Eye contact can be an unspoken way to share emotions, bringing a high level of intensity and passion. You feel as if you are surrendering yourself to one another, indulging fully in each other’s realms and souls, to a level so much more than physical. Gazing into your partner’s eyes can also make you feel a lot more confident about yourself and your body as by doing so you are saying “I am open to you, all of my flaws and insecurities, we are sharing this moment together”.
Breathing – Many people use different breathing techniques to become relaxed and calm throughout a tantric session or massage. Simple breathing meditation can make a big difference in a 2/10 tantric experience and a 10/10 tantric experience. The purpose of using certain breathing techniques is to make you aware of how you are breathing and conscious of where you are breathing in your body. Once you and your partner both master this, you can begin to breathe in synchronized timing with each other and his will help you climax at the same time. Every inch of your body will enter into a state of orgasmic bliss and your souls will go on a journey of happiness and fulfilment.
Ending the session – Closing the session is a very part of any tantric massage or experience. You need to ensure that you feel balanced and not too spaced out so to say, when you are finished. Being in a tantric state is so good that people often find it hard to come out of it, and you will be tempted to carry on for hours and hours. The best way to end is by reflecting on t, sharing your emotions and thoughts verbally and both appreciating the power of Tantra.

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