A Brief History of Tantric Massage

history of tantric massage in london

A Brief History of Tantric Massage

history of tantric massage in london

Tantric massage, a brief history: People often mistakenly assume that tantric massage is a sexual service that offers sexual pleasure. It is a form of erotic massage, so in some ways this view is true, but there’s so much more to tantra than sex. If you try and find a tantric massage for the purpose of sexual gratification, then you’ll be surprised at the outcome. Touch and sensual stimulation is a main part of tantric massage, but in truth, there are other, deeper meanings that are rooted to this massage’s history.

Tantra: An Ancient Hindu Ritual

Tantra is arguably one the most disused ancient branches of Indian spiritual rituals, despite the huge number of texts written about this practice. This Ancient Hindu practice dates back to 5AD and came about as a form of meditation that aimed to maintain a calm sense of mind and sensuality as a way of touching new spiritual levels.

The word “tantra” is a combination of the two words “tattva” and “mantra”, meaning the science of cosmic laws and a word repeated to help with concentration. So tantra is using cosmic sciences to focus the mind and body towards a higher level of spirituality.

Many people considered tantra to be obscene, inappropriate for people of high class and a kind of black magic. This view still somewhat exists today. But in reality, tantra is a part of the Vedic tradition and is associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti.

Tantric massage was born as a more physical variation of tantra. It used manual therapy as a way of relaxing the body and pleasuring the mind. The practice became increasingly popular across Asia and different adaptions of the massage were born. An East Asian tantric massage will be different to an Indian one, although they will be rooted in similar principles.

The sensual side of tantric massage became more pronounced the further the practice spread to the West of the world. This is arguably because the West was not as familiar with spiritualism and meditation in the way the East was. Tantric massage began to be used as a medical technique, as well as for pleasure, for people who suffered from deep anxieties and other mental-related issues.

What’s The Point Of A Tantric Massage?

Tantric massage is a highly sensual and intensely erotic style of massage that teaches people, primarily men, how to embrace their sexuality. Tantra focuses on massage movements designed to stimulate arousal, but prolonging this pleasure and delaying orgasm by proper breathing techniques. Tantric massage therapy is pleasuring the body, but pleasing the mind by balancing the body’s energies and reconnecting the mind, body and spirit.

The primary focus of a tantric massage is the formation and maintenance of the balance between the male and female energies (Shiva and Shakti energies, respectively). There are different levels of orgasmic pleasure and men are not usually exposed to as many levels as women are. Tantric massage teaches men the ability to maintain heightened arousal states while experiencing climaxes without ejaculation.

You may think you are in control of your penis, but how many times have you climaxed before you wanted to? For men, tantric massage is a journey discovering their spirituality, learning to fully control their lingam. When men master their orgasms, they can experience multi-orgasmic states and form a stronger emotional bond with their partners. This allows for more intimacy and consistent sexual satisfaction, as well contentment with life.

A Typical Tantric Massage Session

a typical tantric massage in london

While tantric massage and erotic or sensual massage are not the same thing, they are not mutually exclusive. Erotic and sensual massage typically focus on exciting the senses for arousal while tantric uses the body’s sexual energy, sexual organs, the erogenous areas and erotic drive to take the person to a higher level of consciousness.

As cultures have evolved, tantric and erotic or sensual massages have become entwined in their practices. This has made tantric massage exuberantly enjoyable and pleasurable for both the body and mind.

Each therapist is different and may have been taught a different style of tantric (for example, Hong Kong tantra is slightly different to Indian tantra), but the session will typically open with a relaxing full body massage. This helps to set the mood and ready the body and mind for the relaxation process. After the client is sufficiently relaxed, the therapist will begin to slowly work up and down their body, back then front, stimulating different focal areas depending on the client’s requests. Many people are surprised at the areas of the body that arouse them, even if they’re not typically sexual in nature.

By the time the masseuse focuses on the lingam area, clients are often so aroused, one touch may set them off. But tantric is an extremely slow, somewhat methodical process. In fact, it’s one of the slowest types of erotic massage. The masseuse will take the client back and forth from the edge of climax, alternating between slow light touches and more intense strokes. It’ll be a frustrating but pleasurable journey, but when ejaculation does happen, it’ll be an intensely satisfying release.

Try A Professional Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is often performed naked or semi naked, because the bare skin contact allows for a greater connection between the masseuse and client (and thus a more pleasurable experience). For this reason, many people find erotic massages intimidating. But the benefits are so overwhelmingly mind-blowing, it’s worth it. To fully reap the positive outcomes of a tantric massage, you must be willing to release all of the societal restraints, prejudices and ideas of what’s proper and what’s not. Only with an open mind will you be able to fully enjoy a tantric massage and all of the exotic pleasure it provides.

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