What happened to the spark, Mark?

an interview on the importance of erotic massages in marriages

What happened to the spark, Mark?

This week we have an exclusive interview with Husband and father of three Mark Hammal. Mark tells us how a year ago, his 12 year marriage was in the pits, he could see no way out and no Stress Relief1way forward. Now him and his wife Carol feel like they’re 19 again- they can’t keep their hands off each other! You might be wondering what happened, what miraculous change could have occurred for these disenchanted stale lovers to re-light that sexual flame.

We’ll get to their secret later… first; let’s start with a bit of background.

Mark, how did you meet your wife?

M: We met when I was I was in my early twenties, she was a friend of a friend new to town. I said I’d look after her, and I suppose I did haha. When we met the chemistry was undeniable, I’m not normally one for commitment but with Carol I was hooked.

And can you explain what happened to the passion?

M: It’s hard to say really, it’s never as black and white as that. I mean I suppose I could say when we had kids but I think really it was more complicated. I think when you decide to invest fully in someone it carries this pressure. I mean to decide that this is the only person you are ever going to sleep with is a bit deal and I think made me want the sex to be much better than it was. I didn’t know how to discuss this with Carol because I was scared I would lose her- mediocre sex was fine so long as she was happy and were together. But as the years went by I felt less and less in the mood for sex, juggling the kids, the stress of work, of responsibility… there never seemed to be time. Our relationship lost something but I resigned to the idea that that’s just what happens- I accepted it and settled into a sexless routine.

What broke the stalemate?

M: Well it’s sort of funny really, there I was thinking I was keeping Carol happy by remaining faithful but actually she turned around to me one night and said ‘Mark what happened to the spark?’ – It threw me it really did. And so I asked her what she meant and she said ‘when I agreed to marry you that didn’t mean I wanted to resign myself to a vanilla sex life.’ It was crazy, I mean 12 years of marriage and I had no idea she was thinking the exact same thing as me. We were too embarrassed to talk about it; I think that was the problem. So I asked her, I said well what is it you want to try. See right then I thought she’s say something about sex toys or creams or something but her actual answer took me by a big surprise. She suggested we got a couple massage.

An erotic couple massage?

An erotic massage for couples in LondonM: Exactly, and honestly it was the best thing we ever did. I feel like a new man. After our first massage, opening our bedroom like that to a stranger, watching each other be intimate outside of marital bed, trying new things. Honestly I never thought my wife could do some of those things… I think a big problem people get into in their relationships is routine-and like anything routine is a habit that’s hard to break without a change. For us getting a couples massage changed everything. We discovered tantra for one thing. Tantra, or tantric massage is a form of massage that’s all about learning how to control your sexual energy, to connect with your partner on a deeper and more profound level. It’s all about edging towards orgasm and focussing on building up pleasure portals. Because me and my wife know each other so intimately anyway as soon as the masseuse started telling us about tantra and showing us different techniques it was like we’d found the missing puzzle piece. It’s also exciting having someone else there… when I got married I thought I’d never be able to touch another woman- never mind get so intimate with one. In a way it made me feel more human again, Carol said the same. I mean just because we’re all grown up now doesn’t mean we don’t get urges. I think we both felt crippled by our marriage for a while, as though we couldn’t breathe. Going for a couple massage was like a life preserver. I’m now excited about my life again. I’m in awa of my wife and her sexual appetite, I’m mad about her, I think about her all the time. I truly am the luckiest man alive.

Would you recommend couple massage to other couples?

M: Absolutely. Anyone that feels like their relationship could do with a bit of excitement- anyone feeling like their best days are behind them- seriously, speak openly with your partner- don’t wait 12 years like we did!.. I mean who knows, your partner might not stick round that long…

How do you go about booking a couple massage?

M: Go online, as you would do for anything else- the worldwide web has all the answers. I would personally recommend Asian Massages London they’re based in London and made everything so easy to arrange. I simply called up and asked about coupe massages, I was then given all the information I needed, offered a very reasonable price and a masseuse was at our door within the hour. Great service, we’ve used them multiple times now! Interested in an Asian Erotic massage in London? Our erotic massage service page will answer any questions you may have.


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