Sensual Massages: Interviews about getting a Sensual massage

Sensual Massages: Interviews about getting a Sensual massage

A girl on a hotel bed in South Kensington awaiting a sensual massageWhen it comes to sex, it is safe to say that the best kind is those moments that are filled with passion, intimacy, sensual touches and kisses.  However, many people are unable to reach these levels throughout sex and often believe that these feelings are something we only see in romantic movies or even porn. It is understandable why so many people lack sensuality and passion in the bedroom, because to have this experience you really have to let your guard down and allow that deep bond with your partner. It is an unspoken bond that is attained through touching, caressing, movement and a desire to be at one with that person and to pleasure them. When you do experience sex that is as intense and adoring as this you will forever be seeking that in any other sexual experiences you have.

I interviewed 3 different men and asked them about their most sensual experiences and why they think it is the best kind of sex;

nickolasNicholas, 24, Transport Planner Everyone loves to feel as if they are wanted and desired, when someone gives you that energy you also emit it back to them, and that is how passion happens. The knowledge that both of you want each other equally creates a magical moment throughout sex. I had been single for a number of years and I am quite a shy guy so picking girls up in a club wasn’t really my forte, which is why I decided to visit a massage parlour in London. I thought that it would be sexually satisfying but was very sceptical to the idea of it being anything more than a “fuck”, but I was so wrong. The masseuse was a lovely Chinese girl called Jessi, she made me feel at ease and asked me what my biggest sexual desires were. I felt so at ease with her and it felt like a girlfriend experience. Jessi was so sensual and intimate and every single touch and caress on my body felt meaningful, I could tell she cared about making me feel good both physically and mentally. She took her time and every moment was filled with pleasure and intense rushes that made my body feel incredible. It taught me a lot about sex and about how being sensual can really help build a connection between you and your sexual partner and allowing you to both give and take, provide and receive. My time with Jessi definitely helped me with building confidence to go out and speak with girls, and now I have finally got a girlfriend!


louisLouis, 25, Civil Engineer Due to my career, my lifestyle is very fast paced and can be a little hectic at times. I often find it difficult to have some wind down time and really take care of myself mentally and physically. One of my colleagues was having the same issues and when I asked him for some advice he advised that I visit a sensual massage parlour, which is where he received his relief from. It sounded like a good idea and something I could fit easily around my schedule. I visited a high end massage parlour in central London with the most beautiful Oriental masseuses ever. They were caring and understanding, and although it was an erotic massage service they still gave me a deep tissue and muscle massage. The masseuse relieved all the tension and stress I was feeling in my upper and lower back, and I immediately felt ten times lighter than before. The masseuse started off very slowly, with gentle and sensual rubs and strokes, paying attention to every inch of my body. I could not only feel the goodness it was doing for my body, but my mind too. I entered into a state of relaxation and I could think much clearer for the first time in a long time. I now make this a priority as part of my routine, every Monday and Wednesday at lunchtime I take an hour to relax and get a sensual massage and it has worked wonders for me. My time with the masseuse is definitely the most sensual experiences I have ever had.


jamesJames, 37, Architect As I am an architect, I had to complete many years of study before I got to the point where I wanted to be at. Of course, this required a lot of long hours in the library with a lot of black coffees. One of the most sensual moments I have ever experienced in my life was, believe it or not, in the university library in my final year of study. It was around 11.20 pm on a Sunday night and I was still sat in the library as I watched other students pack up their bags and leave. My head felt like it was going to explode, my shoulders and back were aching from being hunched over a desk for what it felt like a lifetime, and I was overall feeling stressed and exhausted. I lay my head on the table when one of the foreign exchange girls on my course sat down beside me and gave me a warm smile as if to say “I feel your pain”. I probably looked like a mess, but as I lifted my head I was surprised at how fresh and beautiful she looked, even after being in the library for so long, with a heavy load of work to complete. I think the whole moment felt so much more sensual because there was literally no verbal communication between us, just sexy, long looks and sensual strokes and grabs. She climbed under the desk and loosened my trousers and placed my penis in her moist mouth and began to suck it very deeply as if she needed it. Afterwards she used her hands to massage my back and shoulders while kissing my neck and using her tongue on my ears. All my senses were so heightened and I felt deeply connected with her, it truly was a magical experience that got me through the last legs of my architecture degree.


After interviewing these lovely men, I had a clearer outlook on how sensuality within a sexual relationship is crucial and makes the most memorable sexual experiences. Men definitely need passion as much as women do and we need to lose the mind-set that these levels of sensuality only exist within romantic movies or porn!  Sensual massages are definitely a good way to try it out as they relax you and put you at ease and allow you to take time exploring one another on a pleasurable level.  If you are looking for a sensual massage why not try our Central London Asian massage service. We offer both an incall and outcall massage service.

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