Meet Candy, the Asian masseuse who owns a sweet shop in central London, with an erotic twist!

Meet Candy, the Asian masseuse who owns a sweet shop in central London, with an erotic twist!

shop 949964 640“When Candy Pham moved to London at the age of eighteen to pursue her dream of becoming a sweet shop owner, she never expected her business venture to take a sensual direction.”

I was eighteen when I was finally of age to make my dreams come true and move to London to open up my very own Japanese sweet shop. My family owned their own sweet shop chain in Tokyo which was very popular and I always knew I wanted to go into this industry; however I never would have guessed the direction it would have taken.

Business was going very well, however I hoped that my customers would be from London and all over the world as the main reason I wanted to take my business to the U.K was to share my families amazing sweets outside of Japan. However, after a few months I realised most of my customers were either from Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other Asian countries. I was also becoming quite lonely as I was so far away from my family, friends and culture.

However, one day a very handsome young British gentleman came into the sweet shop and I was quite taken aback because business had been so scarce. He had a prominent jawline, honey like hair and matching honey eyes. He gave me a smile and began flirting with me. Before I knew it I had pulled down the shutters on the store, turned on the closed sign and he had me on the till desk passionately kissing my neck.

I had worked as an erotic masseuse in the few months leading up to my departure for London and what better way to put it to use to impress this undeniably sexy man. However, I had an idea. Took some of the strawberry laces and gently brushed them against his naked body before eating them very sexually and sensually in front of him, which I could see was turning him a lot. I then took some of the edible paste and squirted it all over him, massaging it into his skin, the sweet scent of strawberries filling the room. I poured warm chocolate over him and allowed him to lick it off my small, pink nipples. It was all so exhilarating and arousing and although I’d never done this before it felt so right. I could see that he was enjoying it so much to and before I knew it, he was climaxing and ejaculated all over my breasts.

A beautiful Japanese massuese working for us in londonWhen he was leaving the store after we had cleaned up, he turned to me and said “You know Candy, you would probably sell a lot more sweets if you offered it with a massage too.”  That is when it dawned on me that he was exactly right. I was an expert and professional in both owning a sweet shop and performing erotic massages, so why not combine them both together?

I hired two beautiful Asian masseuses to work at the till, taking men’s sweet orders and asking them what they want in their goody bags whether that was liquorish or a happy ending. The men would then come upstairs to the bedroom, where showering facilities were available to them and I would cover their bodies in chocolate and candy flavoured lube before pleasing them with maximum pleasure. Business suddenly began to bloom and I had to expand, opening several “sweet shops” all across central London.

Candy quickly turned her failing sweet shop business into a success, provide candy and happy endings for men all over the world. When you visit one of her sweet shop massage parlours and see all the girls to choose from – you will certainly feel like a kid in a sweet shop!

So, do you have a fetish for something similar to this? If so, feel free to contact Candy and book into one of her massage parlour. She offers both happy ending massages (massage with hand relief) as well as full service massage (Massage with hand relief, oral and sex)

She has professionally trained masseuses from China, Japan and Korea ranging from the ages of 20 years old to 30, who are all beautiful and exotic looking with model-like features.

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