How sensual massage is the answer to boost your sex life

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How sensual massage is the answer to boost your sex life

For centuries, sensual massage has been used for soothing romance, thrilling adventure and sizzling passion in many erotic massage parlours across the world. While many associating the service as being a way of  horny-middle aged men getting their naughty fixes fulfilled, many are not aware of how it can boost your sex-life on the outside. Allow me to tell you more…

You will learn new things in the bedroom

lover 1822498 640Studies have proven that women hold sex as one of the most important factors in a relationship. With this in mind, you should aim to have the performance of a porn-star rather than someone who has no clue what they’re doing. Like anything, practice makes perfect – and what better way to learn new sexual tricks than with a hot masseuse who is expertly trained in all things erotic? As well as offering standard sex, many adult therapists are open to extras. Extras are the perfect rehearsal for you to test out new tantalising bedroom techniques before you showcase them to your loved one. If you want to become the most orgasmic French-kisser or the best with your tongue (you know what I’m saying) then do add it on as part of a sensual massage. Most requests are available from just £20 extra and are guaranteed to give you extra brownie points within the bedroom. Do make sure you chat to the therapist about any requests you may want to indulge into at the start of your session.

You will learn more about the female body (and yours)

Many females have enlisted the biggest turn-off is their partner’s not knowing what they want when they’re trying to get hot under the cover. Many of these issues stem from the male not understanding the female body and what feels good.  However, a sensual massage allows you to experience the full glory of a gorgeous girl’s physique and teaches you how to overwhelmingly stimulate their most sensitive zones. A sensual massage can be as slow and romantic or as rough and raunchy as you want it to be. So do be sure to book multiple sessions so you’re able to satisfy your lady depending on what she is craving that day. Regular sensual sessions will also gain better understanding of what tickles your naughty taste-buds, before you declaring them to your partner. Believe me boys, a decisive person is super sexy when it comes to getting steamy with your Mrs.

It relieves erectile dysfunction

banana 1238715 1280Penis problems are a thing and if it’s something you suffer with then don’t panic, age does bring on types of erectile dysfunction which can make your bedroom antics more of a bland vanilla, than delicious cookie dough. Erectile dysfunction can be anything from struggling to get an erection to not being able to ejaculate (or ejaculating too quickly.) But don’t panic, sensual masseuses are here to nurse all of your penis problems which can really boost your love life. The beauty of sensual massage is that the whole session is unrushed. To begin, the therapist will sensationally rub down your whole body which will not only relax you physically, but also mentally too. She will then start to edge closer and closer to your erogenous zones. Performing light strokes, not rushing and feeling relaxed are the key ingredients to a great erection, which is guaranteed to give you the stamina of a stallion. Erotic therapists are also experts when it comes to the male genitals, so there sure to know which techniques to use which will give you the orgasm of your life. This will teach you about self-control and what really does get your love juices flowing. Take note, as you’ll be able to take your new findings home to put on the performance of your life for your partner – she will certainly be impressed!

It makes you sexually confident

model 3036231 640Take word for it boys, being shy in the bedroom can be more of a turn-off than a turn on. With most women seeking a man who is dominant, it’s important you have confidence in the bedroom. A good sensual massage is based upon the ideology that the male body is a temple and should be worshipped. The therapists will do this by showering you in compliments, being super tactile with your whole physique and even dirty talking if you’re feeling extra raunchy. Regular sensual sessions will teach you just how special your body is, with you being able to take on this belief when getting down and dirty with your loved one. Your partner is guaranteed to be wooed by your new-found sexual confidence.

Boost your own sex-life with the help of a sensual massage

Here at  Asian Massages London we cater for men of all ages who want to boost their under the cover antics with their lady. We have a number of discreet incall parlours dotted around Central London as well as offering outcall service to as far as Heathrow. Our sensual massages are available from as little as £120 and can be tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. We urge you not to feel guilty about visiting us. After all, you’re only here to invest in your own personal relationship. Please call our friendly team of booking agents to discuss your queries about our sensual massage or to arrange your session. Or if you require more information about our London incall and outcall Asian sensual massage service click here.

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