Sensual massage your way to your summer holiday

Sensual massage your way to your summer holiday

Yay, it’s nearly time for summer – which only means one thing, wrapping up work to jet off on our annual getaway, whether that being to sunny Spain, the exotic Caribbean or the tranquillity of Thailand. However, before you crack open the Carlsberg to kick-start holiday mode then do arrange some exotic sensual massage sessions beforehand – which provides the perfect preparation before you leave on a jet plane…

Boosts your end-of-work motivation

blue 1845901 6401 1When a summer holiday is calling, we often find it hard to motivate our way through the last week of work before we jet off to somewhere sunny. Instead of being sat at your desk unproductive, clock-watching and restless, then book a sensual massage instead – which promises to give you the last bit of enthusiasm you need before you put your ‘out of office’ on. When our body is sensual massaged, the feel good hormones of Oxytocin and Endorphins are released, which erases negative thoughts and replenishes them with a boosted mind-set, which helps to be productive and fulfil daily tasks. You’ll be able to clock-out feeling rest assured all of your work is completed to the highest of standards, before you make your way on a well-earned holiday.


Strengthens your immune system

influenza 2833622 6401While we all love a bit of sunbathing, the warm weather often makes the pollen count high – which often means one thing to many of us, hay fever. Hay fever causes sufferers endure many unwanted systems, such as watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. In severe cases, hay fever makes enjoying the outdoors near enough impossible. If you’re worried hay fever is going to ruin your summer holiday, then sensual massage might just be what the doctor ordered. Ok, so it might be a completely alternative treatment to antihistamines but it does work all the same (if not better!) This is because sensual massage increases the number of white blood cells within the body, which are known as a vital component for boosting the immune system.  This helps the body to naturally fight off minor illnesses such as cold, flus and hay fever before symptoms become onset.

Nurses your pre-airport stresses

While holidays are usually heavenly, airports are usually rather hellish. Endless queues for passport control, screaming children running in every direction and the copious announcements over the tanoy can make airports more of a stress, than enjoyable experience. To make your time at the airport a whole lot more relaxing then opt for a sensual massage beforehand. When we feel like stress is going to be triggered, cortisol builds in the muscles – usually found in the neck, back and shoulders. This often leaves us with unwanted tension and in worst cases, aches, pains and niggles. Sensual therapists are able to knead out the adhesions and replace the muscles with fresh blood and oxygen supply. This helps your body to be in a prime state, which will make the airport stresses seem a distant memory.

Sammy a Nuru masseuse working in london for usHelps your sleep

While sunning yourself in an exotic holiday is all fun and games, by night time trying to sleep in warm weather can be somewhat of a hard task. Instead of tossing and turning and copiously shaking the bed-sheets, opt for regular sensual massage therapy in preparation for your summer holiday. Copious sensual massage sessions can boost the serotonin levels within the body. Serotonin is known as a crucial component for catching the zzzs, as it physically and mentally unwinds the individual which in turn, improves the sleeping pattern. This is perfect for sleeping in warmer temperatures than usual, as you can be rest assured you’ll easily sleep through the heat.

Sensual massage your way into summer

So yeah guys, we’re now on the summer countdown! So the hotel is booked, the flights are arranged – there’s only thing left to do, book sensual massage therapy before you jet off! Here at Asian Massages London we offer sensual massage across all of our Central London incall parlours and for outcall across the capital. You can find us just a stone throw away from many of the major London tube stations, including Baker Street, Green Park and Liverpool Street. So feel free to pay us a visit to kick-start your day, during a break or before you make your way home. With massages costing the fraction of a price of a plane ticket, it’s well worth a visit and is the perfect exotic preparation before your summer holiday! Call our team of booking agents to arrange your session today 07823687012. Or you can have a look at our Oriental Sensual Massage in London service page for more information.

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