Thai vs erotic massage?

Thai vs erotic massage?

We have two leading experts of two very different massage styles along with two world renowned masseuses of two very different massage styles to battle it out in the hope to determine which is better: Thai massage or erotic massage?

But before we allow both parties to argue for their massage style lets indulge in a brief summary of the two.

Thai Massage:

Thai massage is an ancient massage technique; it began in India and 2500 years ago was brought to Thailand by Buddhists. Thai massage was a highly regarded massage style that was practiced in Thailand as an alternative therapy to the previously conscribed prescription drugs.  Thai massage involves stretching the body, in the same way you would in yoga. Some say it’s a more relaxing form of physiotherapy.

Erotic Massage:

Erotic massage is a form of massage therapy that involves naked body to body contact with your masseuse and involves sexual contact as part of the service. With most erotic massage styles coming from the East, the different styles often related to hindu, sikh and Buddhist teachings.  Most authentic erotic massage agency offer a wide spectrum of erotic massage styles along with the option of having them with a ‘happy ending’ (hand relief) or ‘full service’ (oral and sex). Erotic massages began in the 1890’s after prostitution was criminalised, since then it has grown in popularity and is now one of the most universally celebrated forms of massage.

But which one is better?

woman 759688 1920 1Well the health benefits of a Thai massage are well documented.  We spoke to a doctor from Thailand mr Sam Hing who explained the many wonderful aspects of thai massage, I would have written about it all here but truthfully? I can’t remember a single thing that man went on about. Why you ask? Well for one simple reason the next guest on our panel was Amy Chung, the owner of an erotic massage parlour in London and previous erotic masseuse: this woman knew what she was talking about. And what was she talking about you ask? She knocked Thai massage out of the water. Sure thai massage can give you meditative, relaxing time. Sure a thai massage can remove bubbles of stress and wean out any tensions laying in the base of your core- but you can get all of this with an erotic massage but more!

So we asked Amy what the best erotic massage style for deep relief- the kind of massage style to opt for when you are super stressed, deeply aching, really need some medical massage stuff. Without thinking, right off the bat, Amy says: Four hands.

Now four hands massage is exactly what it sounds like, it’s an erotic massage style which involves getting a massage by two professional authentic Asian masseuses. The reason four hands is considered the most effective massage for pain relief (vs thai massage) is simple science. Nothing opens up the nervous system like sexual play and by opening this part of the human conscious the body is more susceptible to change and improvement.

The deep tissue massage you receive with four hands is unlike anything you may have experienced before. The joy of having two masseuses massaging you at once is that both sides of the brain are being worked at the same time. Following ancient tantric traditions, the masseuses work under the ruling of the ‘kundalini’ which is your central core. On the right side of the brain lies your super ego and on the right side of your brain lies your ego- by massaging both sides the masseuses are able to alleviate deep rooted pain from both sides of the mind. Your left side- your emotional side is tormented by the past and your right is lost in future plans. By channeling both sides at once through the therapeutic therapy of massage you are able to centralise your emotions in a way that keeps you in the present.

I spoke to Four Hands masseuse, Koko, who works for a leading erotic massage parlour in London. She explained it through an experiment- that I encourage you to try at home. Raise both of your arms above your head with your palms facing behind you, stay like this for around two minutes, then place both of your hands, palms facing upwards on to your knees. What do you feel? Do either of your hands tingle slightly? Is one of your hands warmer or colder than the other? Lift both of your palms out in front of your chest – when doing this does one of your hands feel heavier than the other?

When I carried out Koko’s experiment I experienced heaviness in my left hand- this is very common Koko explained. When you feel heaviness in your left side it is because you struggle to let go of the past (this is true for me but we won’t go into it.) Many people experience this left heavy mental attitude but leave it untreated- other people experience heaviness in their right- this is applicable to people who are constantly distracted by the future. People with heaviness in their right also struggle to stay in the present. Thinking about the future; how your career will develop and how you can put yourself in the best stead for later down the line is sensible and should not be discouraged… however people that are transfixed in the future and in doing so disassociate themselves with their present are in danger of negatively impacting on their mental health. It’s about getting balance- yes think about the future, yes remember the past but stay present. – This is of course easier said than done.

But as Koko explains, with four hands both masseuses massage a side of the body- thus targeting the affected areas of the brain. The intimacy of four hands draws out your body’s natural trust instincts, allowing for completely effective change and results. At the point of the four hands massage wherein you are completely in line with your middle (your present) you will feel a weightlessness and an enhanced sense of touch, smell and desire…

With erotic massage I would usually say get happy ending or full service, whatever, whichever, it doesn’t matter- but with four hands, I would thoroughly recommend getting full service. Four hand massage makes you feel reborn, and intercourse in this state is intensely pleasurable, in a way that will take you to new planes of passion and self-worth.

But what about Thai massage?

Thai massage is all right and good and if you want a massage that will give you momentary pain relief from aching muscles, trapped nerves, etc. then by all means get a thai massage. What I will say against said style is that it won’t be life changing. Unless of course, you’re somebody that feels like their life has changed after having a nice meal or getting a haircut- these small things do make up a collective sense of change and self-improvement, a thai massage is in this realm. But four hands? Looking for a relaxing 4 hands erotic massage? Why not have a look at our 4 Hands service page for London

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