Why You Really Should Try A Nuru Massage

you really should consider a nuru massage in london

Why You Really Should Try A Nuru Massage

Let me tell you why nuru massage is amazing

What do you imagine when you think of nuru massage? Most people will automatically envision a massage where both parties are naked and it’ll probably have a ‘happy ending’. When you Google nuru massage, dozens of pornographic links will pop up, so it’s no wonder the massage technique has an infamous reputation.

But amid the X-rated video links, if you look really carefully, there are websites offering advice, tips and general help on nuru massages. Surprisingly, nuru massages hold some health benefits that are tremendously good for the body, and make it so much more than that seriously sexy body rub.

Massage, which is derived from the Arabic word “mass’h” meaning touch, knead or squeeze, is an instinctive form of healing that’s been around for millennia. As animals, when we’re in physical pain, our first instinct is the rub the area that hurts and massage therapy is based on that. It takes the basic instinct and has transformed it into a somewhat scientific treatment that arguably serves as a precursor to forms of manual therapy such as chiropractic and orthopaedic.

One of the earliest accounts of massage was found from around 1800BC in a Chinese medical text detailing massage techniques for therapeutic purposes. More specific massage types, for example Reflexology, have been described in Egyptian hieroglyphs. Massage was depicted in Greek and Roman texts too – with Hippocrates’ and Galen’s memoirs describing the practice, and the latter even creating a detailed regime for massages for injuries and disease. During the Dark Ages, the West turned their back on the ancient art, preferring more conservative practices and a lot of the healing massage methods of the Ancient Eras were lost. It wasn’t until Pehr Henrik Ling, whose work on soft tissue technique showed up that massage slowly became re-established as a legitimate form of manual therapy. Ling, who is generally referred to as the father of modern massage, later developed Swedish massage and various other techniques that are considered to be the foundations of massage therapy procedures.

Over 70 types of massage types are currently practised in the US, including traditional forms such as shiatsu and hot stone and more erotic and sensual ones such as tantric and nuru. The main difference between traditional and erotic is that traditional focuses on muscles for relaxation and release, while erotic involves the entire body, including the sexual organs. It tends to be the braver individuals – the confident and the sexually curious – that opt for erotic massages.

Nuru massage is a form of erotic massage. Erotic massage is one that is performed when the client is aroused, and nuru is an erotic massage that involves a special nuru gel and the whole body rather than just the hands to massage.

So what’s so good about nuru massages?

a very sexy nuru masseuse

Well, massages in general have some great health benefits. They’re often overlooked because when do you ever see the doctors on Holby City screaming for body oil? But actually, massages go beyond relaxation.

Practically every part of the body is affected by massage, whether it be directly or indirectly. Most significantly, massages have a positive effect on cardiovascular function. A 2008 study involving 263 volunteers found that a massage of 45 to 60 minutes reduced average blood pressure by 10 mg Hg and heart rate by 10 beats a minute. Perhaps it’s due to the relaxing nature, but the improvement in blood circulation and cardiovascular condition is somewhat noteworthy. Clearly massages are not to be ignored.

So by this point, you’re probably sick of reading about massages in general, and want to get onto the art of nuru.

As we mentioned before, the main difference between traditional and erotic massages is that the erotic style involves the whole body including the erogenous areas, while traditional massages focus on just the main muscles such as the back and shoulders. Erotic massages tend to be more effective for stress release, because due to their uncensored nature, people find it much easier to allow themselves to let go and surrender to the massage.

Nuru massage originates from Japan, a country that’s famed for its creativity and unique nature. Nuru was invented when new laws and regulation restricted prostitution. Because selling their bodies became illegal, the workers in the adult industry switched to selling body-to-body massages. The experience is said to be even better than sex itself. Why? Well, unlike other forms of massage, nuru uses the whole body to massage the other body, as opposed to using just the hands. The resulting satisfaction is often said to be superior to other erotic massage styles. What could be more stimulating and erotic than two naked bodies rubbing against each other? Full body contact is so much more exciting, and will create extreme arousal and satisfaction like never before.

Nuru massage doesn’t use oil, it uses gel. Curious, right? The gel, which is odourless and tasteless, is made from Nori seaweed, and has a slippery, stretchy consistency. This is essential for the massage, because it acts as a sort of lubricant and helps the masseuse slide over the client’s body. The body-to-body contact helps with emotional connection, because it’s another level of trust to allow someone else to nakedly slide over you – especially if it’s a stranger. Not only does Nuru allow you and your playmate to explore every part of each other’s bodies, you’ll also learn how to pleasure yourself and perhaps even discover new sweet spots. It takes another level of comfort, intimacy and confidence to dabble in nuru massage, so it’s anything but shallow!

Okay, so sliding naked over someone else’s also naked body is naughty, but nuru is more than just seriously sexy. The Nori seaweed that’s used in the nuru gel is actually packed with nutrients and vitamins that are fantastic for skin hydration and improving elasticity, and even helps to prevent cellulite. And of course, the massage itself is great for improving blood circulation, stress release and boosting the immune and digestive systems. So who said we can’t enjoy what’s good for us?

Nuru is crazily sensational. In some ways, it could be compared to sex, because of the level of physically naked contact. But unlike sex where the destination is clearly visible and you know what’ll happen next, nuru is unpredictable. It’s a total celebration of the senses. You’ll be completely aware of everything that’s happening – which makes it all that much more sensitive – and the excitement of not knowing which body part will receive attention next is fantastically arousing. The anticipation that’s associated with nuru massages adds to its aura. Its sensual yet intensive nature is a great way to vamp up your sex life.

The slippery consistency of the gel combined with the delicately sensual massage movements provides a wholly unique experience. When have you ever felt someone’s entire naked body pressed up and sliding against your own? It would be incredibly tantalising and the chemistry would be insane.

Because it’s such an intimate form of massage that holds certain connotations due to some of the highly sexual positions involved, many people shy away from it. But believe it or not, it is actually an art that’s studied and professionally practised and honestly? Nuru massage isn’t all that bad. It’s a fantastic way to emotionally connect with someone else. And it’s not all about happy endings and sexual release – the seaweed gel does wonders for your skin and massages have been proven to help the cardiovascular system. Plus, it’s seriously hot. What other forms of massage involve full body contact?

So whether you’re perplexed by the term or you’re a massage enthusiast and you want to introduce some extra spice into your life, take a chance and experience a nuru massage. There really isn’t any other massage more erotic than this.


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