All About Nuru Massage Gel

just about nuru gel

All About Nuru Massage Gel

just about nuru gel

Nuru massage is a wonderful style of Japanese massage. This erotic massage was formed during Japan’s Soaplands era as an alternative way of providing sexual satisfaction and pleasure. As well as using their hands, masseuses use their bodies to massage the clients. It’s an extremely sensual experience that is as intense and intimate as sexual intercourse and as close as you will get without penetrating.

In order for the masseuse to sensually and freely slide her body against the client’s, a special gel is used. This gel, which is specific to nuru massage, is extremely slippery and allows for minimum friction between the two bodies and thus, creates maximum pleasure.

The Best Seaweed Thing To Ever Exist

The gel is made from Nori seaweed, which grows just off the coasts of Japan, but is completely colourless, odourless and doesn’t stain. It’s clear, viscous (you can lift it up like a sheet because of its semi solid consistency) and extremely slippery. Masseuses mix the gel with warm water to dilute it to get the desired consistency. If it’s not mixed with water, it tends to be more sticky than slippery and dries quickly. Water slows down the absorption process. The intense slipperiness of nuru gel means that the masseuse can slide and grind as fast or as slow as she wants to create deep, sensual pleasure.

The gel is mostly used for nuru massage and as a sexual lubricant because it’s so slippery. Because it’s made from seaweed which has soaked in nutrients from the sea, the gel is fantastic for the skin. It’s highly moisturising, prevents cellulite and helps to improve the appearance of blotchiness and stretch marks. As well as that, the massage motions encourage healthy, unobstructed blood circulation which means greater flow to the skin’s surface and a glowing complexion. If you want to expoernce a nuru massage in london then take a look at our main website

Best Brands Nuru Gel To Use

Nuru Premium Massage Gel

Manufactured by The Nuru Gel Company, which is based in Bangkok, this gel is known as the original nuru gel. This brand is one of the most popular ones in the world and follows an authentic Japanese recipe.

Mr Nori’s Magic Nuru Gel

This brand of gel is manufactured in the USA, and contains the Nori seaweed, chamomile, grapeseed and aloe vera. It’s extremely slippery and ideal for erotic body to body massage sessions.


As a company that’s been creating products for sexual health and wellbeing for years, Wet’s Nuru Massage Gels are in high demand and super easy to use.


It’s a relatively new UK-based brand, but slowly becoming a popular favourite among erotic massage enthusiasts. Siren makes a range of high quality nuru gels and accessories for great prices. The gels contain a blend of three seaweeds and vitamin C.


Aptly titled ‘Nuru’, this Switzerland-based brand currently sells nuru accessories to Europe. Their gels are made of Nori seaweed and aloe vera.

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