Five reasons why there’s nothing better than getting a Lingam massage at your hotel

Five reasons why there’s nothing better than getting a Lingam massage at your hotel

Visiting a massage parlour is great, but booking Lingam massage at your hotel is EVEN better. A plush hotel room and Lingam massage pair together better than Ant and Dec. Here are five reasons why:

You beat the grinds of city traffic

blur 1845534 640The beauty about Lingam outcall massage is that you can get to kick back and relax as soon as you’ve dialled the digits to book your session. Why not indulge into the delicious selection of beverages from your mini bar, enjoy a warm bubble bath or take a glimpse of the many movies on offer on your humungous flat screen TV? The options are endless and it sure does beat ferociously racing around trying to find a massage parlour. Most parlours, which offer Lingam, are based in built-up cities with busy roads and transport systems. Finding your way to the parlour can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. However, you can be rest assured hotel massage erases these worries.

You can get jiggy on a super enormous bed

hotel room 1447201 6401As Lingam massage focuses on the erogenous zones, it’s naturally one of the most intimate treatments you can opt for. And when we think of intimacy one place springs to mind, the bed. It’s a given that luxurious hotels boast a queen-sized, king-sized or even four-poster bed which provides the perfect (most spacious) setting for an orgasmic Lingam massage – you’re sure going to be pampered like royalty. And the fun doesn’t stop there…

You can make use of ALL the furniture

Hotel rooms are equipped with everything your heart could possibly desire for a Lingam massage. Why not kick-start the fun on the bed, before making your way to the desk and then ending with the grand finale in the en-suite?  The opportunities for new adventurous moves and positions are limitless when you book a Lingam massage at your hotel. Studies have proven the more spontaneous you are during a massage, the more fun you will have. Do we need to say anymore?


8692a1a2ac1d63366ad82e18ecd68244Hotel Lingam massage only gets better and better. An assisted shower or bath works super complimentary to your massage, whether you opt for one before or after. The best news is that most hotel bathrooms are state-of-the-art and boast spacious walk-in showers, as well as Jacuzzi bath tubs. This makes Lingam massage more luxurious than ever before.  It warms your muscles which is the perfect preparation before being rubbed down. It also allows you to enjoy and become familiar with your masseuse’s fine flawless figure before you reach new levels of sexual pleasure when the massage commences. Getting wet ‘n’ wild end the sensational experience not only allows gives you the opportunity to cool off and cleanse, but also gives you one last chance to get steamy with the girl of your dreams. As hotel Lingam massage is at the heart of opulence, it would be rude not to opt for some assisted fun as both the starter and dessert of this sensational encounter. You could say Lingam is a delicious massaging buffet. Mmm!

You don’t have to do the cleaning up!

With massage oil everywhere and love juices flowing, things can take a messy turn during a Lingam massage. But don’t worry about causing too much mess, the hotel maids are there to transform your room back into the spotless room it once was when you first arrived. Most hotels offer a complimentary cleaning service, whereby you can call the concierge and request your room to be cleaned at any time of the day. You’re guaranteed to feel like a king!

Get a hotel Lingam massage today

If you’re looking to experience a Lingam massage at your hotel then there’s no better place than London. The amazing city boasts a staggering 75 five star hotels (that’s more than anywhere else in the world) which are equipped with everything you need for a euphoric Lingam massage.

We have a gorgeous, high-end team of Oriental therapists who are here to give you a five-star Lingam massage at your five-star setting, for a bargain price of just £150 per hour in Zone 1 hotels. Call our confidential booking agents to arrange your sizzling session today: 07823687012 Also have a look at our Oriental massage Lingam massage. For more info about our Lingam massage service.

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