The Best Massages For Deep Pain

What is the best massage for deep pain?

The Best Massages For Deep Pain

What is the best massage for deep pain?

Sometimes you get that sort of muscle ache that’s deep in the tissues and no matter how much you rub it or put ice on it, it just lingers. Massage therapy is great for this kind of pain, but not all massages will help. Here’s a list of the best kinds of massages for your deep-set pain.

Prostate massage

Best for: urinary and prostate problems e.g. prostatitis

A prostate massage is a specialised type of massage that is a mixture of erotic and examinational. It involves stimulating the prostate gland, also known as the male G spot. This gland is accessed through the rectum. The therapist will gently insert a well lubricated gloved finger into the rectum and softly stroke the gland at a variety of speeds and pressures.

It may initially feel strange and clients often feel a build-up of liquids deep inside them. However, this is totally normal. When combined with genital stimulation, a prostate massage can become very pleasurable, which distracts from the strange pressure. Stimulating the prostate leads to a release of prostatic fluid, which had been building up in the glandular area. This relieves the pain of prostate conditions.

Lingam massage

Best for: urinary and prostate problems, erectile dysfunction, intense stress

A lingam massage is an erotic massage designed for male pleasure. It is a massage of the penis area, intended as a way of worshipping the sacred organ and preserving the special sexual energies that are vital for human creation. A lingam massage uses techniques designed to slowly build up tension and keep you at the edge of orgasm for a while so you’re in a constant state of pleasure. This edging technique helps to relieve the pains of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The eventual orgasms are so strong, you are often left totally satisfied and stress-free.

Nuru massage

Best for: intense stress, sports injuries and muscle strains

A nuru massage is a special type of erotic massage, which involves a masseuse rubbing the client’s body with her own body as well as her hands as a way of massaging. Originating from deep within Japan’s red light districts, nuru massage is one of the most sexually satisfying therapies out there. Because of the total skin contact, it’s greatly comforting as well as arousing, which makes it great for intense stress relief. The masseuse can also apply a variety of body weights and pressures, so it’s great for deep tissue injuries.

4 Hands massage

Best for: intense stress, sports injuries and muscle strains

A 4 Hands massage is one where there are two masseuses instead of one. The masseuses work in sync with each other, with one leading and the other following. Typically, they will work on different sides of the body to each other, which make it effective for deep tissue injuries. The two masseuses can work on two separate key areas of strain at the same time. All the while, they’ll be working in a choreographed motion, and the sensation of four hands moving smoothly across your body will be mesmerisingly relaxing.


Best for: stress, arthritis, back pain, respiratory problems

Shiatsu is commonly known as the ‘finger pressure’ massage. It is a precise form of massage therapy that works along the various energy points of the body, using a variety of pressures and parts of the hand to stimulate the body. The therapist may use their fingers, thumbs or palms to hold down on certain spots for two to eight seconds. This localised pressure can help to stimulate blood circulation, which helps with aches such as back pain and arthritis as well as being extremely relaxing.


Best for: stress, acute muscle aches, blood circulation, headaches and migraines

Reflexology is an ancient Chinese therapy that believes different parts of the feet correspond to different parts of the body, internal and external. Like most Asian massages, Reflexology believes that blocked energy (Qi) leads to muscle aches, stress and even illness. Stimulating the different parts of the foot stimulates the clogged energy in different parts of the body, even the internal organs. This makes it great for improving blood circulation to the extremities of the body.


Best for: stress, stiff joints, back pain and muscle spasticity

Thai massage is a mixture of yoga, acupressure and muscle compression, which helps to leave clients feeling less stiff and more energised. By moving into a variety of yoga-like stretches and the therapist asserting different levels of pressure onto your body, your blood circulation will be stimulated even where it’s flowing sluggishly. This helps to increase the range of motion in joints, improve flexibility and help with muscle spasticity and pain. As well as that, the deep breathing techniques help to decrease stress.

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