6 Sensual Asian Massage Types You Can Try At Home

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6 Sensual Asian Massage Types You Can Try At Home


Erotic Asian massages: the difficulty ranking

What do you normally get for your partner on Valentine’s Day? Perhaps breakfast in bed, a bunch of red roses and a box of Hotel Chocolate truffles? If the thought of repeating that ritual for the fifth year in a row leaves you feeling nauseously uninspired, maybe it’s time to try an erotic Asian massage. It’s probably a hell of a lot cheaper than the dinner reservation at that celebrity-chef-owned restaurant that you were probably going to end the night with.

Clinical psychologist and sex therapist Shannon Chavez told the LA Times (http://www.latimes.com/health/la-he-couples-massages-for-valentines-day-20160213-story.html) that at the root of most sexual intimacy issues lay stress and tension. When you’re stressed, your sexual drive plummets which results in less sex and couples are left feeling deprived of touch. Then when you’re in that state, you’re more frustrated which leads to additional stress…it’s a vicious cycle.

Erotic massage requires such an intimate, gentle and loving touch that it can actually bring back the spark in relationships. It’s also a great form of foreplay, because let’s face it – sex is always better after an intense bout of foreplay. There are several different types of erotic Asian massages out there, but we’ve rounded up the most popular ones, researched, ranked and rated them on ease so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. These two are arguably the foundations of most forms of erotic Asian massages. Grasp the basics of these two and you can learn them all. A sensual massage works to stimulate the senses, causing the person to surrender to their senses and become fully aware of the arousal and pleasure that’s taking place. An erotic massage is less concerned with the senses, but instead works to arouse the body using slow movements. Both types focus on gradual arousal to produce maximum pleasure.

Where do I start?

Dim the lights and light a few scented candles to create a warm, romantic vibe. Have your partner undress and lie on their front. Drizzle massage oil between your palms and rub your hands together before massaging their back. Start on their shoulders and back of neck and work your way down their body. Work slowly and alternate pressure. When you’ve worked on their back, turn them over and begin to slowly and gently work down their front. Because of your gentle touch and the fact they can see how close your naked body is to theirs, they’ll begin to become aroused. Be teasing and prolong their pleasurable frustration by leaving their sexual area until the end.

Level of difficulty: 1/5
Ranking: Nice

[Based on the ancient art of Tantra, this massage is one of the slowest, most prolonged erotic massage therapies out there. It uses slow and sensual massage techniques to build excitement. Because of the slow, teasing movements, tantric massage is great for practising orgasm control. By the time you do climax, you’ll be exhilaratingly relieved and in utter paradise.

Where do I start?

Dim the lights and set a relaxing, sexual mood. Slowly undress (this massage is best performed nude) and have your also nude partner lie on their front. Start by slowly working your (massage oiled) hands down their body and toying with all their weak spots. Repeat the process on their front and gradually turn your attention to their sexual area. Lose yourself in the sensual, sexy moment and feel your arousals turn into sexual energy. Surrender to the intense lust and be instinctive, but practise ‘edging’. Prolong your orgasm multiple times to really feel the deep, raw pleasure.

Level of difficulty: 2.5/5
Ranking: Nice (with a bit of spice)

A lingam or yoni massage focuses purely on the genital area (lingam is the penis and yoni is the vagina). While all erotic massages do eventually include the sexual areas, this form of massage involves direct and prolonged stimulation of these areas, as opposed to massaging the entire body. It’s extremely erotic and totally sexy.

Where do I start?

Set a romantic, sensual mood by dimming the lights and lighting a few scented candles. Start by slowly undressing each other (why? Undressing solo is sexy but teamwork is something else) and have your partner lie on their front. Begin at the neck and run your hands slowly down their back. Sensually knead your hands into their skin, gradually working your way down. The aim is to tease and build slow arousal, so don’t rush anything, even when you turn your partner over. It’s tempting to go straight for the genitals and go all out. But think of it as a delicacy and savour the moment. Slowly work your hands all over their sexual area (penis or vagina) and drive them insane by not quite giving them what they want. By the time they do climax, the orgasm will be the most intense and satisfying ending they’ve ever experienced. If you want to double the action, why not try a mutual couples massage and simultaneously pleasure each other?

Level of difficulty: 3/5
Ranking: Naughty

A body to body massage is exactly what it sounds like: two bodies pressed up together and rubbing against each other for intense pleasure. It’s a great form of massage therapy but an even better style of foreplay. Be sure to use plenty of oil for minimum friction and maximum slippery fun.

Where do I start?

Set up for the massage by lighting some candles, perhaps putting up a few strings of fairy lights, to create a relaxed, sultry mood. Choose an appropriate place for the massage to take place. It doesn’t have to be a massage table – it can be a bed, an air mattress or even a floor space made more comfortable with some blankets and cushions. For body to body massages, you need enough room to be able to move round your partner and get into creative positions. Once you’ve sorted that out, undress and have your partner lie down on their front. Start with a full body massage, really pressing and kneading into the deep tissues to iron out any knots. After they’ve relaxed, reapply a generous amount of massage oil (you need enough slip in order to slide) and climb on top of your partner. Start grinding, rubbing and pressing your entire naked body against theirs. The sensations will drive them crazy so by the time they’ve turned over, you can slide your way to orgasm.

Level of difficulty: 4/5
Ranking: Very naughty

Also known as the body slide massage, a nuru massage is an extremely erotic massage. Originating from Japan, a nuru massage came about when laws were put in place to restrict prostitution, so sex workers performed full body massages instead of penetrative sex. It involves two naked bodies, a lot of nuru gel (which is an ultra-slippery massage gel) and a heck of a lot of body sliding. It’s been said to feel even better than sex…

Where do I start?

As is usual with erotic massages, create a warm, relaxing mood with dim lighting and candles. Choose a roomy space to perform this massage (you’ll be using your entire body to massage your partner, so expect to get in some pretty creative positions). Because the nuru gel is a lot thicker and slipperier in consistency than standard massage oils, it can get a little messy, so bear this in mind when picking your spot. You can purchase nuru massage gel protective sheets, but the gel is odourless, colourless and easily washed off with water.

It’s best to start a nuru massage with a shower. Not only will it relax both of you and get the sexy mood going, the gel works best on warm, clean skin. Then, have your partner lie on their front. Mix the nuru gel with warm water until you get your desired consistency (ideally somewhere between watery and gloopy but still retains its slipperiness). Cup the gel in both hands and pour it onto both your partner and your own bare skin. Then climb on top and begin rubbing and sliding. The principle is the same as a body to body massage, but you’re using nuru gel which is far slipperier. Press your entire body against your partner’s and allow them to feel every bump, curve and warm crevice. A nuru massage is extremely erotic and arousing. The gel is also a great lubricant, so go ahead and follow your sexual instinct!

Level of difficulty: 4.5/5
Ranking: Extremely naughty

Now this massage is pretty tricky and not for the light hearted. It’s just for men and involves manual stimulation of the prostate gland and male G spot to encourage an intensely pleasurable and relieving release. The gland and G spot are accessed via the anus, so many men shy away but emptying the trapped liquids in this way is highly satisfying. It’s also great for relieving the symptoms of urinal and ejaculation problems.

Where do I start?

Make sure you’ve clipped your nails and thoroughly washed your hands before this. Your receiving partner should empty their bowels prior to the session too, for peace of mind. Start off with a full body massage, working the massage oils into the tired muscles. Once your partner’s relaxed, begin to focus on the buttocks area. When they’re ready, slowly (we mean slowly!) insert a well-lubed finger into their anus and begin to work your way up to the prostate gland. Gently stroke the G spot and change pressure and speed in accordance to their reaction.

If done correctly, this massage produces incredibly intense, head-to-toe orgasms. They’re extremely satisfying and if you’re brave enough, a massage to be tried ASAP.

Level of difficulty: 5/5
Ranking: The naughtiest of them all

So there you have it: a hierarchy of the naughtiest erotic massages out there and how to perform them! Which one will you try out on your partner next Valentine’s Day? Don’t forget that if you are alone and want to experience the thrill of these then we provide the best Asian massages in London that money can buy, why not give us a try rather than being lonely this year?


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