The significance human touch isn’t something you should shake a stick at – It could the key to combatting your depression.

The significance human touch isn’t something you should shake a stick at – It could the key to combatting your depression.

A recent study carried out by the University of Central Columbia recently conducted a study in to the human conditions aptitude for physical touch sensitivity- In other words they wanted to work out how important it is to human kind that we experience regular physical touch.  In a world of internet dating, face-time and web cams we can live very insular and self-contained lives. The effect of this on our mental and physical health has been until now somewhat of a mystery. The study conducted by the UCC Medical Research Facility has illuminated some fascinating trends that give us a much wider understanding of the serious effects lack of human touch can have.

About the medical study

doctor 3187935 640The study carried out using a series of volunteers discovered that going two weeks without human touch can seriously affect your mental health. Lack of touch created anxiety, stress and inconsolable sadness in volunteers.

Have you ever wondered why we instinctively hug somebody who is distressed? It’s in our biological matter, imbedded in our natural instinct to relieve pain through touch. Considering this it’s not too far of a leap to recognise that touch must have medicinal properties. After having volunteers under observation for a month they slowly re-introduced touch in a staggering motion- with two subjects a day being released from the screening. The two patients that were in the study the longest, approximately 32 days, exhibited extreme signs of mental deterioration, one even exhibited early signs of schizophrenia.  Fortunately these effects were short lived, as post programme all patients fell back in to the arms of their loved ones, with contact and touch all participants mental health was restored to normal.

The study posed some important questions, how dangerous is it for man to be an island? Is mental health intrinsically linked to physical touch? We’ve all heard of those feral children raised in isolation but what if it was even more common in the everyday? In 2019 how many people live alone without partners that they can be psychically intimate with? In the UK alone 42% of adults over 50 live alone without a significant other.  Things aren’t much better with the younger demographic, with 35% of young people in their 20’s claiming to have had suicidal thoughts in their most lonely of periods and a staggering 64% claiming they struggle to forge close relationships with others outside the virtual internet world. These really are some terrifying statistics and give us a lot of food for thought. If we are to accept that the younger generation are finding it even harder than their elders to forge genuine connection what is to say that the statistic for over 50’s living alone in the next couple of decades is not going to simply rise and rise? And if so, what can we expect for the mental health of our country if a lack of physical intimate touch has such distressing effects. We can only predict but don’t worry- there is still hope…

Even if we are becoming a more private, insular race, preferring our own company and that of the computer screen, this should be no cause for alarm. Perhaps we are just advancing in to a new phase within the human race, it shows great strength and independence to be on our own and the fact that more and more of us are deciding to live singularly demonstrates a shift from dependence on the pack mentality that has perhaps hindered our growth and advancement. If anything I’m all for the release of man in to the great unknown- however, that being said, we cannot forget how fragile our genetic thread is. We cannot ignore the fact that our central nervous system is programmed to need human touch, to crave it just as much as we crave food, water and shelter. Without human touch are mental and psychical health withers and we are in danger of becoming obsolete, extinct.

How the times have changed

Now I do not make such devastating and worrying claims without a solution at hand… The way I see it, the East have already made gains in preparing for this calamity. Right now in 2019 it is as normal as going to see your dentist as it is visiting your local erotic massage parlour. In the East they recognise the therapeutic and health restoring properties of body to body massage and thus check in to get a massage on the regular. The excellent thing about getting a body to body massage is that not only do you experience the calming and soothing effects of a professional back massage but the erotic sensual elements of the massage give you, what I’d describe as, a touch overload- meaning that it is such an intimate, intense form of release that you will have long term relief. Imagine it like a squirrel storing nuts for winter, erotic massage gives you your fill.

I believe erotic massage is the answer to the issues our nation faces with depression, loneliness and deprivation whilst protecting our human advancement in to independence and freedom. You don’t have to marry your masseuse, you won’t have to visit her family or go on long shopping trips- you have the freedom to use your time as productively and as freely as you desire… 2019; WE’RE READY FOR YA! Looking for your erotic body to body massage in London? Call us on 07823687012


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