Body to body massage your way to a healthier body and mind

Body to body massage your way to a healthier body and mind

Let’s be honest that with age, our health does take a slight tumble. We might aim to eat a more balanced diet, exercise more and regulate our sleeping pattern to boost our wellbeing, but usually, we often look for alternative ways to keep our body and mind in check. Over the last few years, there has been strong evidence to suggest that body to body massage is essential for helping as we start to mentally and physically age. So, gentlemen, this is how exactly you can body to body massage your way to a healthier body and mind…

  1. Massage boosts your immune system

influenza 2833622 6401With age, comes responsibility and the last thing we want is to become sick when our schedule is jam-packed. The good news is that body to body massage can help prevent illness, by boosting your immune system – this works in two ways. The first is the sensational soothing strokes of B2B help to increase the number of white blood cells within the body. The more white blood cells, the stronger the individual’s immune system will be. Also, massage enriches the oxygen and blood circulation within the receiver’s body which in turn benefits the immune system.  This certainly means that the more B2B you seek, the less chance of you being rundown and sick.

  1. Massage relieves aches and pains

Fed up of them constant niggles getting you down? Then instead of dosing up on copious amounts of paracetamol and ibuprofen, opt for a body to body massage inback pain 1491801 640stead. Scientists have recognised that long glides of body to body massage triggers the rush of endorphins to the central nervous system, which in turn blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain. This gives the receiver overwhelming relief and is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from migraines, backache or injury pain. And to add the cherry on the top, the power of orgasm has also proven to flush out endorphins – so if you’re seeking the best EVER natural painkiller look no further than body to body massage.

  1. Massage decreases stress

stress 391657 640Stress can come in many forms, whether it being because of money worries, a relationship has taken a turn for the worse or a heavy workload is taken its toll. However, instead of suffering in silence opt for a body to body massage instead. B2B is all you need to instantly unwind you and take your stresses away. When we are feeling stressed, the cortisol hormone can build in just about anywhere in the body but is usually found in the neck, back and shoulders due to the sufferer enduring stress positions. When cortisol builds, adhesions (muscle knots) develops which gives the receiver unwanted tension and if not attended to, can result in severe discomfort. However, body to body masseuses uses a special technique known as petrissage. Petrissage uses kneading techniques to unwind the unwanted cortisol from the body, giving the person rewarding relief. Massage and the sexier bits also unleash Oxytocin, which in turn encourages positives thoughts and feelings – a far cry from all of your stresses.

  1. It boosts your sleep

Let’s be honest, a good sleep pattern is vital for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Lack of sleep can make you irritable, lack motivation and feel rather lethargic. If you’re a person who struggles to catch your zzzs then don’t panic, a body to body massage might be just what the doctor ordered. Scientists have proven that soothing B2B strokes boost serotonin levels within the body. Scientific evidence shows us that serotonin is a vital component for getting a good night sleep, which in turn will boost your whole lifestyle for the better.

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