The 3 Things You Should Do After A Body to Body Massage

things to do after a body to body massage

The 3 Things You Should Do After A Body to Body Massage

When it comes to Body to Body massages, what you do before and after is just as important as the session itself. If you’ve never had one before, you’ll have no idea what to expect, but trust us when we say: prepare yourself, because the massage isn’t over once your masseuse has left. If you want to squeeze every single ounce of pleasure out of your massage and make the most of every pound paid, here’s what you need to do after your massage:

Drink Water After Body to Body Massage

Okay, so you’re probably thinking, ‘I don’t need to drink water after a massage; all I did was lay down for an hour’. WRONG. Drinking water right after a Body to Body massage is incredibly important because you’ll be surprised to hear how much you lose during a session. Massages aren’t all about pleasure- they’re actually really good for improving bodily functions and increasing blood flow too. Quickening your blood flow is what is needed to flush out any toxins, but guess what else helps to rid of crap out of your body? Water! That’s right, good-old H2O. In order to do its job properly, your bloody needs a constant supply of water in order to transport oxygen around your body and to deliver nutrients to your organs. Consuming bad liquids after a session, such as alcohol and coffee will actually reverse the positive effects the massage has had on your blood flow. If you really want to get your money’s worth, put down the beer and pick up a water- then you will get some long lasting benefits.

Eat Shortly After Your Massage

Hallelujah! Now this is definitely something I could get on board with. Body to Body massages are pretty energetic, so you can be sure that you’re going to have one hell of an appetite once your masseuse has gone. Body to Body massages actually speed up the circulatory system, meaning certain bodily functions can become more active. One of those happens to be the digestive system. If you’ve been lucky enough to experience this massage before but felt slightly light-headed afterwards, the chances are, and your body needed an energy boost, aka, food. Then again, don’t try and get around this by eating a 7 course meal before your massage- too much food can actually ruin the whole experience. Think about it, you’ve got a belly full of food and you’re going to have a woman lay her entire body weight on you. Talk about uncomfortable right? Have a light snack before and after the session- it’s as easy as that!

Rest Well After a B2B Massage

So, you’re relaxed, you’re on cloud nine; you’ve just had a smoking hot masseuse sliding all over your naked body. You probably feel like you could run a marathon or fight off super villain right about now, but seriously, don’t do any of the above. What people need to remember about massages is that, although the mind might feel energized, the muscles most definitely are not! Hitting the gym for an intense physical workout is a recipe for disaster- you’re almost guaranteed to pull a muscle or obtain some kind of injury. All masseuses recommend relaxing after a massage and keeping movement to an absolute minimum. Your muscles need to recover, so don’t reverse the effects of the massage and strain your body. Just chill guys, chill.

After Your Body to Body Take a bath

Finding it hard to believe that you could feel any more relaxed then you already do? Wrong again! Running a warm bath after a body to body massage really is the icing on top of a really expensive cake. The warm water also helps to sooth the muscles, meaning any aches and pains incurred doing your session should ease off. However, when we say warm water, we mean, WARM water. Lying in hot water will actually increase inflammation which is an absolute no no after a body to body massage. If you don’t have a bath, take a warm shower instead- it’ll basically do the same thing. Regardless of its benefits, it’s a great way to keep the relaxation going, trust us.

So, if putting your feet up and relaxing after a sexy Body to Body massage sounds appealing to you take a look at our website call on the booking number and book a session today.

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