Why getting a happy ending is the perfect addition to any massage

Why getting a happy ending is the perfect addition to any massage

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Massage punters have got something to be Happy about in London Town!

massageGetting a massage can massively improve your general health and wellbeing; fact.  The act of massage not only calms the body, loosening tight joints, relieving aches and pains, but it draws your entire body in to a state of blissful calm. What then is a better way to finish off a full body massage than with a sexual compliment that will reawaken your newly refreshed body is the best possible way?

The research is on the side of the happy ending, with scientific studies providing a strong basis for arguing that for effective improvements to mental and physical strain, getting a massage with either happy ending or full service gives better results than a regular massage.

Now this begs the question- WHY does sexual pleasure increase the levels of healing within your body? Really it’s quite simple. One of the biggest root causes of strain, stress, muscle tension and headaches is depression. Feeling sad or low or generally just not that happy mentally has a direct effect on your physical state. Stress is one of the leading causes of a sleepless night. Lack of sleep leads to your body not having enough time to recharge; leaving you aching, incoherent and even grey and haggard looking. There’s little you can do other than take sleeping tablets to ensure you get sleep when you are stressed or juggling the concerns of everyday life.

However sleeping pills should not be the answer, not when there is a chemical toxin free way to solve sleep deprivation brought on by stress. Getting a massage with sexual elements’ relieves the body of stress and also increases the bodies count of positive hormones- these endorphins released through sexual activity make you feel naturally happier. The serotonin that sexual pleasure creates attacks the negative hormones in your body meaning that post massage you will experience lightness in mood. This burst of positivity within will allow you the head space to have perspective on what in your life is causing you stress enabling you to work out how to fix it.

Now some people find themselves concerned by the idea of getting sexual favours in return for payment but rest assured this is not the work of a sex worker. Erotic masseuses are trained A man getting a happy ending massage in londontherapists that understand the human body to a level far superior than that of regular people. They do not consider themselves as escorts but as healers. If you have sexual intercourse with a prostitute the most you can get out of it is satisfying your sexual needs. But I mean come on, you can do that yourself can’t you?

In the East there is a much more liberal attitude towards erotic massage. People in Eastern countries are well informed about the correlation between a positive state of mind and body and a healthy and active sexual lifestyle. Getting massaged by a trained professional, even just the once, will enlighten you on the power of sexual energy in regards to healing; a lesson that you can carry with you and activate for the rest of your life.

To prove the effects of a happy ending massage we chose two men who were suffering from the classic bodily and mental strains of day to day life and we gave one of them the pleasure of a body to body massage with a happy ending and the last (the one that drew the short straw!) was given a regular body to body massage (with no happy ending) – Let’s see if you can guess which one didn’t have a happy ending!


I’ve been in this job a couple of months, right like a proper City boy- who’d have thought it. I’m bringing home real bacon, the proper stuff, thick cuts, smoked you know what am saying? And at first it was great, as hard as the work was and like as timid as I felt in the office with the big boys with proper suits and crazy salaries I was riding this high of like- you know- I’ve made it, I’m here- I’ve arrived. But anyway that started to fade and once the novelty wore off I figured I need to address all this anxiety I’m carrying around. Like long term I can’t be stressed full time. I had a constant headache, was irritable, lost my appetite, had trouble sleeping and if I did sleep I would wake up in cold sweats. I went and got this massage and it was like waking up from a cold bath. T gave me perspective- no it gave me the space to build my strength to even have perspective. It sorted me out; I haven’t slept so well in years and all the strain that had built up over my whole body- gone!



I have been suffering from stress since my divorce. I am still dealing with it but getting a massage did improve my back ache.  To be honest I found it quite tense to get a massage of a beautiful lady and be so intimate with her but not being allowed to touch! It actually made me feel more stress than I had before I walked in. I think if you are to get that intimate with someone it should be all or nothing.

Any guesses which of these guys got a happy ending? That’s right Ahmed! (Only joking- of course it was Jamal)

So when are you going to have your happy ending? Don’t you think it’s time you gave it a try…. Have a look at our London based happy ending massage service page. Or give us a call on 07823687012

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