The stress relief of getting a happy ending massage

Stress relief can be granted by a happy ending massage in London

The stress relief of getting a happy ending massage

Three mCareeren walk into a bar. They all work in the same building in the same office in the same department. Hours are long and the workload never seems to get smaller. They are all of similar age, weight, height etc. Two of the men looked stressed, worn down and fed up with the world. The other man looks good; he looks healthy, happy and well rested. I suppose by know you might be wondering what’s different from this man, say his names Kevin, you’re wondering what’s different about Kevin’s life compared to the other two men, let’s call them Steve and Tom. Well, it’s simple really. Kevin checks himself in for a happy ending massage every couple of weeks.

The men are too busy right now to be seeking relationships; they need to concentrate on climbing the career ladder. But unlike the other two men, Kevin recognises the importance of satisfying his sexual needs.  Every couple of weeks he is treated to orgasmic release by a trained beautiful erotic masseuse. The masseuse massages his entire body, removing all knots and tensions in his back, loosening his joints and leaving him in a state of blissful calm. She will then use specialist erotic techniques to massage his throbbing member, building and building his pleasure until he is ready to come. The strength of the release due to the masseuse’s tricks and tease is far superior to a typical ejaculation. This powerful orgasm flushes away all the bad feelings, making Kevin feel happier, lighter and able to concentrate fully on himself and the workload at the office. The session cures his headaches, fatigue, general mad moods and feelings of self-doubt. As for the other two? Steve has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Anna for eight years. The two met at University and Anna has only ever slept with Steve. Steve had slept with two girls before he met Anna but one of them was in a park when he was 17 and he’s not sure it really counts. Steve and Anna’s sex life is not really something to sing and dance about.

They used to have sex all the time when they were at university but now there never seems to be time, they are both too tired. Steve doesn’t realise he I sexually frustrated, he doesn’t associate his stress as being anything to do with his lack of sex- he’s wrong. Whereas Tom sees himself as a bit of a player, he goes on multiple tindr dates every weekend but in reality most of these don’t end in sex and the times that do are typically drunken romps that barely release any tension in Tom’s body- if anything, he feels more fatigued afterwards. Steve and Tom envy Kevin’s light hearted nature, nothing ever seems to bother him, he’s invincible.  They order drinks and sit at a table. Steve asks Kevin what his secret is, how does he keep himself so stress-free. Kevin casually tells them that he eats well, does light exercise, and avoids spending too much time on social media… he also mentions how he goes for a happy ending massage every other week. The other two men are surprised; they can’t believe a fit guy like Kevin would pay for sexual services. ‘I thought massages were just for creepy old men and guys that couldn’t get any’ Tom responds. Kevin laughs at the assumption; he explains how you wouldn’t go to a vets if you had an injury- you would go to a trained doctor.

a person recieving a happy ending massage in Mayfair LondonHe tells them how going to an authentic parlour, where trained erotic masseuses work, is like going to a sex doctor. You’re never left disappointed, he tells them. Tom begins to seem interested, and asks for the number of the place Kevin goes to. Steve is hesitant, he worries that getting a happy ending massage would upset Anna. ‘Surely Anna would prefer if you were less stressed out all the time’- Kevin argues, and Tom pitches in ‘yea and why should it be her duty to constantly satisfy you all the time?’ Steve thinks about this, Anna isn’t really into oral or jerking him off, it’s as though they’re too mature for that now, they’re past it. Steve loves Anna and doesn’t want to break up but he does have needs. Steve decides to give it a try- if he feels uncomfortable he can always just leave the massage right? The boys agree to all go to a parlour nearby that evening. Kevin sees his favourite masseuse Yuki and has an above average happy ending massage. He notices afterwards how the ache in his legs that he had been suffering with for a number of days had evaporated. Tom has a massage with Judy, he goes for the body to body happy ending massage. Tom has never experienced anything this erotic or sensual before- it makes him feel like a man, it makes him think how shitty all his past sexual encounters have been, how messy they were. Judy isn’t messy, she takes her time and owns her sexuality, she is sexy and she uses this to entice Tom, to take him to places he has never been. Afterwards he feels amazing, and totally satisfied. His mind feels clear and focussed for the first time. Steve isn’t sure which service to go for and he picks the tantric happy ending massage by chance. This massage is all about reconnecting with your sexual energy, learning to control it and appreciate the slightest sensation; making orgasms way stronger and more powerful. Steve had no idea he could feel this good, he has never had an orgasm as earth bending as this. It makes him feel like he is on drugs, at the end of the session he feels giddy, it’s as though he’s drunk, but not like sick drunk, like deliriously happy drunk.  The men walk back to the tube together discussing their happy ending experiences, all of them agree they would go again. All three of them go home that night feeling happier, de-stressed and ready to face their workload tomorrow.

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