Happy Ending Massage Techniques

some happy ending massage techniques

Happy Ending Massage Techniques

some happy ending massage techniques

Ever wanted to give your partner a kinky massage before but wouldn’t even know to start? Thinking about becoming an erotic masseuse but want to get a feel for it first before you sign up for training? Performing an erotic massage is a skill, whether it’s a Tantric, Sensual Nuru, Body to Body or Prostate. All Erotic massages are unique in style, but all use some traditional massage techniques designed to relax the mind, body and soul. However, sexually stimulating your partner isn’t the tricky part, performing the actual massage is! So, if you really do want to give the perfect Happy Ending massage, here’s what you need to do:

Shiatsu Massage

If you’ve ever been for a massage and felt a masseuse kneading knots out of your back, the chances are you’ve had a Shiatsu massage before. This is one of the main massage techniques used across Japan and is relatively easy to perform at home, even if you’re not experienced or trained. It involves laying your hands on a certain area of the body and applying pressure whilst using circling motions with the thumbs. This is often used for the upper back where most people have tension and is great for loosing up the muscles. If you’ve had a little practice, try using your elbow on areas that could take some more pressure, but we be sure not to hurt your client!


This incredibly common style is extremely easy to incorporate into your massage, and is designed to increase blood flow and loosening the muscles. All it involves is pressuring down on a certain area of flesh in order to warm up the muscles. It’s perfect for fleshy areas on the body such as the buttocks, where more pressure is required in order to penetrate through fat. If you’re going to give the Shiatsu technique a go, start with this technique first to get the muscles nice and limber.


This technique is as simple and as easy as it sounds, but it feels insanely good for the client. All you need to do is shape your hands like a paddle (fingers together) and move your hands up and down the body. For fleshier areas, apply some more pressure, and for boney areas, use a gentler stroke. It will leave your client wriggling around with pleasure!


This is an advanced technique, so it should be used with care if you’re a first timer!  This technique has the best results when performed without oil- hence the name, ‘friction’- and is perfect for the hands and feet. This focused stroke should be performed slowly, using the thumbs to circle across the chosen area. It’s best to use your fingers as an anchor to stabilise the movements so that it is concentrated and effective.


This technique is great for penetrating deep into the muscles and is particularly designed for the fleshy areas on the body. Think about the way a baker kneads his bread, and try to mirror that technique when performing this technique. Begin by grabbing hold of some flesh and lifting the tissue away from the body ever so slightly. Continue by pressing your palms into the muscle tissue, whilst pushing your fingers together and moving upwards using a lifting motion. Again, this is great for areas such as the buttocks and breasts, but if you want to try it on bonier areas, just be gentle!

Head Massage

Now now, make sure you don’t forget to massage the head. After all, stress for most people resonates there! If your client or partner is feeling a little nervous about the massage to come, this is always a good place to start to get them nice and relaxed. Get them to lie on their front and keep the head either central or titled one side- personal preference.
Start by rubbing the temples and forehead for several minutes and then gently begin to run your fingers through their hair. Massage the entire scalp using your fingertips but always remember to ease off on pressure when focusing on the temples. If you want to arouse your partner or client, try kissing their neck and breathing into their ears- it’ll make their toes curl within anticipation!

Chest massage

If your subject happens to be a women, then you’re going to really enjoy this next technique, that’s for sure! A Chest or breast massage is the thing that’s going to drive your arousal levels crazy, but also feels amazing for the client. In order to give an effective chest/breast massage, a slow, gradual build up is the most important thing to remember. Although it might be easy to get slightly carried away, try and keep the movements slow and sensual so that arousal is built up gradually, rather than all at once.

This is an erogenous zone for women, so be sure to touch, squeeze and rub every inch of her breasts. If you want to hear her moan, gently tease her nipples with your hands and tongue.  If your subject is a man, get as close to their body as possible and be sure to use skin-on skin contact. This erotic technique is intimate yet arousing, and is a great way to ease into sex. Kiss their neck, brush your lips over their ears and make sure to keep eyes contact – they’ll be putty in your hands by the end of it.

Sexual massaging

Now, this isn’t an official technique per say, but it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider whether you’re the masseuse or the client- trust me. The body is made up of various sensitive areas which are located across the limbs, torso, sexual organs and head/neck. Erotic massages are not just about quickly rubbing your partner/clients shoulders and then diving straight into sex, they’re about gradually building up the tension until you both can’t bare it anymore. That’s when you get the best results.

So rather than stopping the massage drastically and then proceeding to have sex, try combining the two towards the end for the perfect transition.

The best massage to changeover from is a breast/chest massage. Whilst one hand is occupying the chest area, gently run your other hand down the body and in-between their thighs. Tease their crotch with your fingers, lightly touching it every now and again to make them twitch with arousal. Make sure to mix up your technique, and switch between teasing to massaging their chest and body again. This slow, playful, sexy method is guaranteed to blow your arousal levels through the roof- that’s a promise.

Slow and steady wins the race

This style is designed for pleasure, and if performed correctly, will leave your client or partner begging for their ‘release’. The key to giving the perfect Happy Ending massage is remaining sensual and romantic, using your body and your sexual aura to entice your subject. Although it’s not our place to discuss what you do after the massage (although we have a pretty good idea what it is), he’s one last tip just for you: Don’t rush it, enjoy every single second, and you’ll get a ‘Happy Ending’ beyond your wildest imagination.

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