What the deal with four hands?

What the deal with four hands?

Three regular clients have agreed to dispel any trepidation about getting this earth moving erotic massage style.

Okay so let’s start with why people are apprehensive about the service, well the main factor that will put people off is the cost. This massage style will cost you double the price of any other massage service on offer. This might seem extremely unappealing however when you know why it makes perfect sense. The reason the four hands massage costs double is simply because you get double. That’s right with four hands massage you are treated to an erotic massage experience with not just one highly trained professional erotic masseuse but you are massage by two beautiful highly trained erotic masseuse. Now you don’t need to just take my word for it. Read below to hear the experience of some of our clients who were happy to share their four hands stories with us.

What our interviewees had to say about 4 hands massages.

Let’s start with Derek….

Name: Derek

Age: 34

Occupation: Professional Athlete


0bff71461d50656b3c6b13aafeb93f57I’ve been getting erotic massages for years, it goes with the job. I’m always travelling and my life revolves around my training. The kind of hours I put in to be the best I can be really doesn’t make for a good relationship foundation. I know in the past it has been really challenging for girls to put up with my hectic schedule and a few years ago I decided to take myself out of the game until I could give a woman the time she deserves. That being said I do still have needs and these are suitably matched through getting erotic massages. I first tried four hands massage after I was suffering severe back pain. Unlike other massage styles, four hands deliver intense deep tissue relief. I mean four hands are always going to be better than two right! I was moved with how intense and meditative four hands were though, it takes me on a bit of a spiritual journey. That might sound a bit hippy but seriously, I don’t think there’s anything hippy-dippy about intense orgasms!


Name: Andrew

Age: 45

Occupation: School Teacher


I was never wild in my teens, or in my twenties, or in my thirties! Basically, as the story goes I stayed with my childhood sweetheart, went to Uni close to home and got a job as a teacher straight out of studying. I wouldn’t say my life was bad but I had never had any real adventure. My marriage broke down at the beginning of my 40’s. I won’t go into it but essentially I was really depressed and fed up with my life. After the divorce, I wanted to grab life by the horns but it’s hard to know where to start. One of my friends suggested I go to a massage parlour and when I did eventually pluck up the courage to go I decided on four hands. I didn’t even know what to expect but I was sure in for a treat! I had often fantasised about having a threesome but was always put off by the awkwardness of organising it- with four hands everyone already knew what was going on- no awkward small talk. And what was it like? It was the best hour of my life hands down… I felt alive for the first time in years and oh god my body was trembling for days thinking about it. Sure it’s a bit steep on the old price range but believe me, you can’t put an expense on pure happiness.


Name: Christopher

Age: 72

Occupation: Retired

Now my reason for trying four hands massage was simple: I did not want to get five feet under and have not had a threesome. Now you can make of that what you want, I don’t care. I’m a highly sexual man and my wife of 40 years always met my needs- that being said she was always uncomfortable at the idea of a threesome. I respected that for 40 odd years but now? Well, I decided to respect myself and do everything I’ve ever wanted to do! Four hands is an amazing gift that I am so glad to have discovered. I feel like it’s made me live longer! I feel fitter and healthier than I did in my 60’s and my blood pressure has improved! So for those medically conscious out there, I’d say give four hands a go.


So if you would like to try four hands massage don’t you think it’s time you called us on 07823687012? Or why not have a read of our London 4 Hands Asian massage page?


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