The Pros & Cons of a 4 Hands Massage

4 hands massage pros and cons

The Pros & Cons of a 4 Hands Massage

4 hands massage pros and cons

A 4 Hands massage is literally a four handed massage, so it is one where there are two masseuses instead of one. It is a unique branch of massage therapy which has the ability to cater to a wide range of pains, from localised to aches in the deep tissues.

During a four hands massage, the therapists work in synchrony with each other. Unlike standard two handed massages where the therapist can work in any pattern she wants, the two masseuses in a 4 Hands session have to work in sync with each other or it’ll feel like chaos on the client’s skin. Typically, one will lead and the other will follow. They will split the body in half – one therapist will massage the left leg while the other will massage the right. They will slowly work up the body, leading and following in circles until the body is totally relaxed. Then, they will begin to focus on specific areas of stress, such as the shoulders and back.

But what’s so good about a 4 Hands massage?

It targets the whole body at the same time

Just like the saying “two heads are better than one”, four hands are better than two. It’s common knowledge that the higher the quantity of something, the more likely you are to get something completed faster. With a 4 Hands massage, two masseuses can cover a greater surface area and work on more strained muscles in less time than one masseuse ever can. Have you ever lain there during a massage, relaxed but wishing the therapist could massage your lower back and your shoulders at the same time without losing the pressure of the massage? But of course she can’t possibly apply deep pressure on both these areas – they’re too far apart. Two masseuses, however, can do this. They can even work on your shoulders and your legs at the same time. A 4 Hands massage offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to providing full body relaxation.

It can focus deeper into the tissues

During a 4 Hands massage, the masseuses can apply their body weight into the muscles and thus stimulate the deeper levels of the tissues. This can potentially make for long-lasting muscle pain relief, particularly if the therapists are working on two separate muscle areas. During a normal massage, the therapists can do this, but there’s only one of them and so they can exert less pressure across a smaller surface area.

It creates full mental relaxation

During 4 Hands massage therapy, the masseuses work in synchrony with each other. For example, one will work on the left side of the body while the other works on the right. Typically one leads and the other follows. This creates an extremely mesmerising sensation that’s enough to lull even the most tense of minds into a state of deep relaxation. As well as that, a 4 Hands massage creates the illusion of being totally pampered. For one whole hour (longer if you choose), you are the centre of two women’s worlds. That’s a dreamlike fantasy in itself.

The benefits of 4 Hands massage therapy

Reduces muscle aches, strains and pains
Dramatically decreases stress and anxiety
Soothes insomnia
Improves sex drive and reduces premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and sexual impotence
Helps with urinary and prostate problems
Boosts immune, digestive and circulatory system
Tones and moisturises skin
Reduces appearance of stretch marks and prevents cellulite

But like anything in the world, there are some drawbacks to this unique style of massage therapy.

The potentially high costs

Like many things in life, the best things are expensive and a 4 Hands massage can fall into that category. It’s often twice the price of standard massages because there are two masseuses who need to be compensated for their time and skill. But you have to balance the good with the bad – two masseuses are obviously more expensive but that also means a better quality of treatment, which means longer-lasting pain relief. At [company name], we offer a 4 Hands massage service from £320 an hour and the therapists can come right to your doorstep.

The pressure can be too deep and intense

Two masseuses can exert a deeper and wider range of pressures during the massage, but initially this may feel uncomfortable. This is totally normal, because pressing into sore muscles will always cause discomfort. This may put some people off four handed massages because the pressure might be too intense for them. However, the sessions are fully customisable – the masseuses will adapt the therapy to suit your needs and always work to keep the experience as pleasurable for you as possible.

To book your 4 Hands massage, view our main website here asian massage london . We cater to the whole of London and greater London area, and our masseuses can be at your doorstep within the hour.

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