What Makes a 4 Hands Massage Different

why is a 4 hands massage different

What Makes a 4 Hands Massage Different

why is a 4 hands massage different

Up high on our list of luxurious treatments is a decedent Asian massage – second only to a 4 hands Asian massage, of course. In spite of its luxury price tag, 4 Hand massages are the ultimate indulgent expense, and it’s not hard to see why people willingly splash the cash. But ultimately, what makes a 4 Hands massage so great? And it really worth the extra money?

Are 4 Hand massages overrated?

Absolutely not- that is the answer to that question. If you’ve been lucky enough to experience an authentic Asian massage before, you’ll know that they’re mind-bogglingly hot. They’re like porn on steroids; a virtual-reality wet dream. But- can you even begin to imagine how insane this would all be with two super-hot masseuses instead of one?! It’s almost too sexy to even fathom- I’m getting excited even envisioning it. But for all of you cynics reading, we do have some concrete evidence to back this all up too. I mean, personally, I think the whole, ‘two masseuses at once’ thing is enough, but if you really want to learn about the technicalities of it all, I guess we could oblige.

They’re far more relaxing

The goal of every massage is to relax you, and it’s no different when it comes to a 4 Hands massage. Regardless of what massage style you combine with the 4 Hands service, you’re going to be seriously chilled by the end of it- but does having two masseuses work on you simultaneously make a difference? Hell yeah it does! Gentle touch relaxes us- that is a fact. However, imagine how relaxing it could be having twice as much of your body covered all at once. 4 Hands massages relax you faster and more deeply- so you’re going to experience the benefits of your massage twice as prominently. Doubly pleasurable, doubly satisfying, doubly helpful.

They’re more erotic

Right, let’s be straight here. Asian massages of all kinds are closely associated with plenty of health benefits- but come on, who schedules in for one for that reason? NO ONE. But a healthier body is a welcomed add-on nevertheless. The bottom line is, people book in for erotic massages because they are EROTIC. They are sexual, pleasurable, raunchy, tantalising and teasing- not to mention the fact they’re completely unique.  4 Hands, on the other hand, take it to the next level. They’re completely and utterly unprecedented when it comes to erotica. Think about it, you call a salon and schedule in for a naughty Nuru massage with a fit, Asian masseuse. She’s sliding, grinding and slipping all over your naked body, whilst you get to sit back and enjoy the view- her ass. Sounds good, right? Well, imagine all of this with a pair of boobs in your face and another set of hands rubbing down your chest? Yes, exactly- and what’s more, it’s even better in real life. If you think you know what it feels like to be turned on; you’ve obviously never thought about 4 Hands massages before. This shit is so hot; you’ll leave your session with burns!

They’re more pleasurable

This might seem like an obvious statement, but they really do feel better! Whether you’ve opted for a Lingam, Sensual, Body to Body or Tantric massage, 4 Hands masseuse synchronise their movements to create the most refined pleasure imaginable. They know your body better more than you do- and that’s something you always need to remember. They know the locations of all your erogenous zones; they know exactly how to touch and caress them- they know exactly how to unlock sensations deep within your body. 4 Hands masseuses will purposely orchestrate their routine to get the most out of you and to create the greatest pleasure combinations. They know that stimulating the penis and kissing your neck at the same time is perhaps more pleasurable then stimulating the penis and massaging your shoulders consecutively. The point is, it is possible to mimic the effects of a normal Asian massage at home- but it is impossible to do so with a 4 Hands massage. You pay for what you get with an asian massage london– the ultimate sexual interaction. So if you want to feel an orgasm that’ll leave your legs feeling like jelly and your mind like goo, you know what to do.

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, then I commend you. We suspect that most of you have already scheduled in for a 4 Hands massage with two lovely masseuses- totally understandable, we have too. But if you haven’t done so already but want, call on the number below and book in with two expert Asian masseuses. You won’t regret it!

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