The 12 days of massage: Day one: Two Regulars Try Something New…

The 12 days of massage: Day one: Two Regulars Try Something New…

Body to Body MassageThis week we’ve got a real special treat for you. We know how difficult it can be to decide which massage style to go for when you visit an erotic massage parlour. After surveying clients it was alarming to discover most clients- a staggering 67% of them have only ever experienced the blissful thrill of a body to body massage.  A body to body massage is an excellent introductory massage style and I wouldn’t knock it at all but to come a second, a third and a fourth time and still get the same service is not taking advantage of what is on offer to you. Getting an erotic massage for many is a way to discover more about their sexual energy, desires and needs in a controlled, professional, sensual environment. It would be very rare for a client to come and visit one of our parlours and not learn a thing or two- whether that be a certain position, stroke, move, or even some inner workings- learning to breathe properly and reach a state of blissful calm in order to orgasm. That being said, getting a body to body massage every time is like eating the same meal every-day! I mean sure it might be your favourite meal, you might even be really fussy with food but we should try new things every now and again, right? Broaden your horizons; take a plunge, live today not tomorrow etc. etc.

Saying all of that I do understand why you might not want to sway away from the classic body to body massage. You enjoy it, your masseuse never disappoints and you always feel amazing after it so why would you risk spoiling that? It can also be difficult to learn about other erotic massage styles and what they consist of. Going to a parlour for many can put you under a bit of stress and anxiety- newbie nerves is a phrase that is passed around. Trying out a different erotic massage style to what you have had before can sometimes feel like starting again. When we are stressed in the outside world, the known comfort of a body to body massage can feel like the one and only answer, and sometimes you would be right.

That being said, sometimes the best way to put a spring back in your step is to shake things up, make you feel something new, make you feel something else. But why not be prepared right? There’s no harm in clueing your-self up before stepping on board. This is where I can help…

I have scoured the globe- well London town any road, for men willing to try out 5 erotic massage styles they have never experienced before and record the results. By carrying out this, I suppose you could call it, social experiment, I hope to achieve my ultimate goal- that of disabling the fear button on the lot of you try something new. By next year I would like to influence a spike in the current trend. By next year I hope I will be able to survey clients again to find a massive drop in clients only sticking with body to body massages. I want to inspire you all to try something new; it is the start of the New Year after all!

First up we’ve got Andrew. Andrew works in the City and has had a couple of body to body massages before. He has previously been intrigued to try nuru massage, after a colleague had one on holiday and swore to him it was the best thing ever. However he is yet to try it himself, he confesses to me that his apprehensions lay in the seemingly playful, silly nature of the nuru massage; with Andrew himself being a rather reserved individual.

I encourage him to get a nuru massage the very next day and record the results.


Andrew’s Nuru Massage Experience.

bf0e990a1c809588f1b0e04b6d47e9e6I had heard a bit about nuru massage, mostly about how good it was but nothing really more tangible than that. I guess it’s a bit awkward to go in to much detail I think about stuff like that or at least I think we are prone to thinking it’s a little awkward. I’m going to try and be as detailed as possible to give you a clear insight. When the massage began it did not seem like it would be much different to a naked body to body massage, something I had previously experienced. The masseuse, Anna, undressed, as did I, she then directed me over to the bed. I lay on my back as I would do for body to body, I was then told to instead lay on my front. It was then that Anna smothered the nuru gel on my chest, arms and torso. She then made contact with skin, slowly gliding up and down me, using her natural large bosom to caress and stroke my naked body- it was a fantastic sensation as the gel worked in miraculous ways; both pulling our bodies together and enabling a slippery base for Anna to move around at her will. I couldn’t believe how quickly I became aroused and how effective the style was. I had initially been apprehensive about the whole thing because I had been told it could be rather messy and playful- too things I am very much opposed to. But what I had been told was wrong, or at least Anna had gaged my vibe and took things very slow. Time seemed to stay still and I got lost in the Nuru techniques and effects. The nuru massage built me up to orgasm in a way I had never experienced before and the release was far more powerful than anything I had mustered previously. I’m really glad I tried it and I would certainly be trying it again.

Next we have Lawrence, a professor at a leading London University. He too has experienced a naked body to body massage several times before and was keen to try something else. He had found the idea of prostate massage interesting but was unsure it would be worth the money- given that he didn’t even know for certain he would get pleasure out of getting his prostate played with. I encouraged Lawrence to go for it and let me know how it went. Treat like a research project, I told him. Later that week that is exactly what he did. Let’s see how he got on…

Lawrence’s Prostate Massage Experience.

I will just start with the key points: go and get a prostate massage. I have never ever ever experienced something as mind bending and sexually intense as prostate massage. When the masseuse3746b9710f7616da73ed37945eceed3f began the massage she spent some time massaging my upper and lower back, arms, neck etc. – You know just as you would normally expect. That being said as soon as she lowered her hand towards me prostate region I could feel myself tense up. This was no good; I would need to be perfectly relaxed to experience it properly. She performed oral on me to a point nearing climax, at this point I was sexually excited and much calmer, she then began massaging my buttocks which elicited much sexual thrill from me, then with a gloved lubed hand she began massaging my anus region. The technical strokes left me feeling aroused rather than uncomfortable and as she dipped her fingers inside located my prostate gland I felt great waves of sexual energy pooling from my genitals, from my prostate all over my body; it really was quite something.

As she continued to massage my prostate I felt a building and building of pleasure, to a degree I had never fathomed before, it was electric, it was all consuming, it felt marvellous. Finally it came to a big crescendo, with an orgasm so powerful and mind bending that I thought I had been transported to another realm. It was spiritual, I feel and I’m not a religious man.  All in all, it was thoroughly enjoyable and I will certainly be getting a prostate erotic massage again. I feel as though I’ve wasted so much time already. For any young men out there reading this I sincerely hope you take the advice of this old man and book yourselves in for a prostate massage sharpish.


Okay so you’ve heard from Andrew and you’ve heard from Lawrence. Now don’t you think it’s time you went out and got a new erotic massage style? Why not test the waters with Nuru massage like Andrew, or go for it with prostate like Lawrence. The choice is yours.  Make sure to tune in next time for Day 2 when we will be talking to two gentlemen that sampled lingam and four hands massage for the first time.

Until then!



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