The Best 5 Things About An Erotic Massage

5 best bits of erotic asian massages

The Best 5 Things About An Erotic Massage

5 best bits of erotic asian massages

We are a very forward facing society. Many of us sit at office desks all day, or hunch over phones, tablets and laptops on a daily basis. This leaves our bodies, particularly our backs and shoulders, aching. It can even lead to repetitive injuries or increase the likelihood of muscle strains and sports injuries. Massage therapy is a great way to alleviate pain from this. Massage can release tension from muscles in a way that no amount of stretching exercises ever can.

Massage is also the ideal way to release stress. Everyday life can get extremely stressful and cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for stress, reduces the levels of white blood cells. This means that stress makes us more susceptible to illnesses. Massage is a wholesome and holistic treatment because it soothes our minds and our bodies. When combined with more traditional treatments such as medications, it can be a very effective way to combat illnesses and provide pain relief.

What is an erotic massage?

There are many different types of massage. From traditional and well-known styles like Swedish, deep tissue and hot stone massage to lesser known Asian styles like nuru, lingam and sensual, massage is a varied umbrella. Erotic massage is one very effective style of massage therapy. It is an oriental massage that focuses on utilising the power of pleasure and arousal to alleviate pain. Unlike traditional massages, erotic massage stimulates the sexual areas of the body, as well as the main body, to create pleasure and help the mind forget.

There are a number of excellent benefits to experience when you choose an erotic massage over other styles of massage. Here are five of the best things about this style:

1. It is better than sex therapy and can help with sexual problems

Because erotic massage uses techniques that are designed to arouse, it has a seedy reputation. Understandably, it seems like a sexual service. But it’s so much more than that. An erotic massage is an enhanced type of sex therapy and help you overcome a variety of sexual problems, including sexual impotence, lack of sex drive and premature or inability to orgasm. An erotic massage uses careful, specialised techniques that are designed to create arousal, even in the most resistant of cases. It also practises extreme self-control by bringing the client to the edge of orgasm and backing off multiple times. This will help with premature ejaculation and reverse the inability to orgasm.

2. It is the ultimate stress release

Erotic massage believes that an orgasm is a physical accumulation of stress. Stress gathers all over the body, particularly in the sexual areas and because traditional massage doesn’t focus on sexual arousal, tension from those parts is never released. They build up and cause chronic stress. Erotic masseuses are specialised in providing carnal pleasure which ensures even the most deeply rooted of tensions are lifted. There’s even scientific evidence to support this – when you orgasm, hormones are released into your body which work to reduce anxiety and calm mood. This is why pleasure and orgasms leave you feeling relieved and satisfied. Erotic massage specialises in this sensation.

3. It is the cure to insomnia

Forget sleeping pills. An erotic massage is the way forward. Why? Well, we mentioned in point number three that orgasms leave you feeling relieved, satisfied and stress-free. This creates the perfect mood and setting to fall asleep to. Plus, stress and anxiety is a major cause for sleepless nights. Erotic massage is a more direct way of tackling the source and ensuring you no longer suffer insomnia or restless nights.

4. It can save your relationship

One of the main causes for failing relationships is the lack of sexual chemistry and an increasing sense of boredom when it comes to having sex with your partner. If you find that your intimate moments with your partner are becoming more of a chore than an enjoyable act, an erotic massage can change that. An erotic massage can show you parts of your body that you didn’t know could turn you on. It can show you new tricks to try in the bedroom and help reignite your flame.

5. It can motivate you to succeed

When you orgasm, you’re also left rejuvenated and motivated to succeed in life. This is because it lights up the pleasure centre of your brain and motivates you to work towards goals that achieve pleasure – whether it’s sex or job promotions.

I’m interested in an erotic massage!

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