Prostate massage – should you try it? Hell yes!

Prostate massage – should you try it? Hell yes!

Trying something for the first time can always be slightly daunting, creating feelings of nervousness within us that usually tend to put us off from completing it. This can be especially true if it is something you don’t know too much information about, say, for example, a prostate massage.

Studies have shown that many men in the U.K are in fact rather curious about this unique massage therapy style but are too embarrassed or anxious to ask about the ins and outs of a prostate massage.

With the number of men who are visiting our erotic massage parlours in London seeking this service quickly increasing over the last few months, I thought that it would be a good idea not to leave the rest of you in the dark…

Here are some reviews of prostate massage therapy from our happy customers –

A sexy prostate masseuseBenson, 26 – “I think for many young, straight guys, your initial thoughts when you think of a prostate massage are that they are only for gay men. I was always intrigued by the idea of trying one but I was too embarrassed to ask my friends about it or to propose the idea to sexual partners in fear that they would judge me. I looked online to find out more information about prostate massages but knew the best way to understand them would be to try one. I went to the massage parlour and the masseuse was very friendly and helpful and allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted about the service. She told me that the prostate gland could be massaged in two ways, by either inserting a finger in the anus or by kneading your knuckles gently against the perineum. I must say I was quite nervous before the session but the kind nature of the masseuse made me feel at ease. I lay down on a clean bed after I used their shower facilities and the masseuse used lubricant to make the movement a lot better. As she inserted her finger inside me I felt a weird sensation for a few moments but after a while, it started to feel really good. My penis became aroused and although she was massaging my prostate gland, it was still sending nice feelings throughout my penis. She was very careful and gentle which was good considering it was my first time trying this service. After about ten minutes of her massaging me through the anus, she used her other hand to knead my perineum and this is when the feelings became more intense. I could feel myself begin to climax, but it was a different kind of orgasm than usual. It was much like an out-of-body experience and I felt out of breath. Once I had climaxed she began to give me hand relief on my penis and in a matter of minutes I orgasmed again and ejaculated. The penis orgasm felt more intense and longer lasting than it usually did. I would recommend prostate massages for sure. They helped me discover new levels of pleasure and also learn more about my body and what works for me sexually.”

Fabio, 46 – “The first time I experienced a prostate massage or prostate milking, it was actually for medical reasons. So, this was not so pleasant as you can imagine. However, I was very curious to try a prostate in a sexual way so I visited my local Asian massage parlour in central London. I am very open and comfortable with trying new things during sex so I was not nervous about my session. The massage therapists assisted me in a soapy shower beforehand as it is better to be super clean before the session. After all, it is the anus you are playing with. The masseuse inserted her finger into my anus while her other hand firmly massaged my shoulder. It was a very calming and soothing atmosphere and I could feel my bum muscles relaxed while she tended to my body. After a few minutes, my toes began to curl and I couldn’t help but let out faint moaning noises, it felt amazing. I began to climax quite quickly but the feeling lasted for ages. The prostate massage was definitely worth trying in a more sexual way!”

If you happen to be in the central London area or are planning on coming for a visit, then why not try our special prostate massage service? We are open daily from 10 am to 3 am and are available for both incall and outcall services. Our stunning masseuses are from China, Japan and Korea and have been trained very highly to please and pleasure you. Have a look at our Prostate massage london guide or give us a call on 07823687012.

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