Less Taboo, More Prostate!

Less Taboo, More Prostate!

Although prostate massages are rather taboo when it comes to straight men, they have become increasingly popular in the U.K. More men and women are asking about them, enquiring about the health benefits they have and also how to perform one. This is good news as Prostate massages are highly pleasurable and have amazing benefits for both your body and also your mind. Not only gay men or women should enjoy anal, and it is time everyone knew that.

So, what exactly is a prostate massage you may ask… The prostate is a mysterious and misunderstood organ. Many men become squirmy at the idea of a prostate massage or the thought of anything going near their butthole without even knowing what a prostate massage actually is. So let me enlighten you – A prostate massage is simply the rubbing or stimulating of the prostate gland (may that be for medical or sexual reasons), which is located in the anus of a male between the bladder and the rectum. The prostate gland is a very important part of a male’s sexual cycle as it has a role in producing semen, and no, girls do not have one!

Prostate massages are widely dismissed in society without people realising how good they can be for you. They are fun and exciting to try, extremely pleasurable if done right and it also has health benefits when it comes to difficulty with your prostate.

How do they help with your health? Historically, prostate massages were used to enhance a man sexually. It is known that men who had several wives or lovers who were highly sexually active often used prostate massages to ensure that they could perform numerous times with each woman. However, now they have been developed to have health benefits too.

A prostate massage is known to clear the prostate and also reduce any inflammation that you may be experiencing. You can obtain prostate cancer; however, regularly massage or “milking” the prostate glands reduces the risk of getting it. It is also known for helping with erectile dysfunction, and although there is no solid evidence, many men have come forward and said it has helped their problems. This theory comes from the thought that the blood flow improves as a result of massage or milking. This blood flow helps make the boner stronger, harder and longer lasting.

Prostate massages can also help with your urine flow quite a bit. Urine should always come out in a steady flow, however, some people may have problems or difficulties with this, particularly if they have a swollen or inflamed prostate gland. If the gland is massage regularly you reduce the risk of this happening.

Others have said it has helped with painful ejaculation which may be caused for various reasons such as infection and inflammation and alleviate problems of an enlarged prostate! Who knew!

Evidently, prostate massages have endless amounts of health benefits for men and they can make a huge difference in your life. If you are having any of these health problems then you should really consider prostate massaging, whether that is at a massage parlour or a more medical one. You will be thankful for it and you will feel in great shape.


Cherry one of our beautiful and highly talented prostate masseusesHow can they help with your sex life? The male “G-Spot” has thousands and thousands of tiny nerves and feelings that are dying to be stimulated and touched. When they are touched they give you intense feelings of orgasm and climax. Some men have reported that they have been able to reach climax and ejaculation from prostate stimulation alone, how amazing is that!

Many masseuses tend to just focus on your prostate massage. They will insert their finger gently and slowly into your rectum in a hook-like shape with a lot of lubrication. The gentle circling around the prostate will give you a lot of tingling and pleasurable feelings in your rectal area. This will arouse your penis, however, the masseuse will try to avoid your penis until you reach climax through your anus. After you have a prostate orgasm, she will then focuses on your penis and make you ejaculate. Your penis orgasm will feel so much longer, more intense and amazing. It will run the whole way through your body from your head to your toes and you will be hooked on prostate massage.

A prostate massage can also help add a little bit of fun and excitement to your sex life. If you and your partner were lacking that passion and fire in the bedroom, a prostate massage could be the perfect way to rekindle those feelings. It is always intriguing to try out new things, and a prostate massage can also bring you closer to your partner due to its extremely intimate nature. Although you may be feeling nervous and anxious, it will be nice for you and your partner to plan it out and experience together. It will remind you how sexual activity can bring two people together and make you feel close again when you are going through a rough patch. It has been known for revamping things in the bedroom and helping people rediscover their sexual side that they have neglected due to the busy schedule of their everyday life. A prostate massage is definitely worth the try!

Clearly, a prostate massage is amazing for you in so many ways, therefore, you should be less scared to give it a go and be more excited.

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