Getting an Outcall Prostate Massage Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

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Getting an Outcall Prostate Massage Was The Best Thing I Ever Did

When I experienced my first prostate massage, I was a 54 year old man living with my wife and one of our kids in London. A couple of years prior, I’d experienced some minor prostate related issues, but it was nothing to be concerned about and it quickly resolved itself. Although I was generally fit, healthy and energetic for my age, sex with my wife had become more of a sporadic occurrence, rather than a regular thing. We were, and still are very happy, but our busy lifestyles and contradictory schedules made it really hard to make time for romance- you know how it is. Although I would masturbate if and when I could, intimate moments with myself also became uncommon and as a result, orgasms became fleeting memories.

After several months of drive-by- fucks and supersonic masturbation sessions, I began to experience some discomfort down below. Like most men, I thought nothing of it, and just continued with my usual routine thinking it would disappear on its own accord. Two weeks later however, the pain had become crippling, and I realised that it was time to seek advice from a doctor. When I arrive at my appointment the following day, I explained my symptoms to the GP who began to quiz me about my apparently non-existent sex life. After a few moments of chat, he dropped one hell of a bombshell. “I’m going to have to perform a prostate examination to see whether or not the prostate gland is in fact inflamed,” he explained.

As an extremely heterosexual and downright masculine male, I was absolutely horrified to say the least. I had always been incredibly experimental when it came to sex, but I had never even considered exploring pleasure through my ‘back door’ entry.  Although this was a medical examination, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed and mortified. Like many men Id grown up with, I associated anal toying with homosexual activity, so the thought of some guy sticking a finger up there made me feel extremely uneasy.  Despite my reservations, I dropped my pants, and lay on my side and placed my legs up against my chest. I felt sick with nerves.  The test was quick, uncomfortable but necessary, and the results proved my doctor’s theory absolutely right.  “It’s exactly what I thought, the Prostate gland is really swollen and there’s a lot of fluid trapped in there- hence the discomfort. Unfortunately, there’s only one solution mate. You’re going to have to get a prostate massage or else you won’t be walking or pissing for the foreseeable future I’m afraid. This is what you get for not having enough sex.”

Fuck. I had never heard of a Prostate Massage before but the thought of it made me wince. “You’ve got plenty of options how you want to go about this, so I’d just recommended going online and seeing which option is best for you. It’s really not as bad as you think, believe me.” Although I wanted to crawl into a hole and just hide myself away forever, the pain was unbearable so I knew I had to just swallow my machismo and do it. That night I turned to the web, and couldn’t believe what I found. I read accounts from men across the world that had not only gotten prostate massages before, but had done so by choice! Known as a ‘milking service’, I was totally horrified, but had no choice in the matter so sought out to get it over and done with as soon as possible. Reading through my options, I decided that I would feel more comfortable having it done in the comfort of my own home, rather than in some sleazy salon down town. I called a highly recommended erotic salon and booked my session using their outcall massage service in London that same day.

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Although my wife was hesitant about the whole thing to say the least, she understood that it was a medical emergency and knew that I was completely dreading it. She did however, agree not to be there, so decided to go out for dinner with some friends after work so that I could suffer in peace. I was relieved because I couldn’t have coped with the humiliation of having an extra pair of eyes on me. A couple of hours later, sick to my stomach, the masseuse arrived. She was petite, Japanese and incredibly pretty. It was a very pleasant surprise to say the least. After smiling and introducing herself as Alice, she walked into the living room and began to set everything up. She dimmed the lights, lit some candles and started to play some really soothing music. I was asked to undress and lie on my stomach where she proceeded to perform a full body massage to start with. It was relaxing, calming and felt amazing. I could literally feel the tension evaporating from my body.

After several minutes, I was asked to lie on my back and bend my legs. I was in a relaxed, almost euphoric state by this point so my nerves remained controlled, even as she used a lubricated finger to enter my rectum. It felt uncomfortable at first, but after a couple of minutes the sensation completely changed. It felt good- really good, and I found myself unknowingly groaning with pleasure. As my masseuse continued to massage, stroke and press down on my prostate, I could feel pressure mounting and travelling towards my penis.  Although I wasn’t close to ejaculating, I could feel some kind of fluid approaching and teasing the tip of my penis. With encouragement from my masseuse, I allowed myself to release, and watched in shock as a white, milk-like substance drained from my body.

Despite being unpleasant, my pain eased instantaneously. As well as this, I felt completely at peace and found myself enjoying the massage more than I had anticipated. Despite being traumatic at first, it was undeniably pleasurable, and I loved every second of it. As the masseuse continued to massage my prostate using different techniques, pleasure surged through my body like electricity. After several more minutes, I could feel the pressure rising again, but this time, it was a sensation I was familiar with. Before I knew it, I reached orgasm, and it was the most intense, incredible release of my life.  As well as numbing a great deal of my discomfort, I felt completely rejuvenated and recharged.  It was spiritual and enlightening, and I just lay there for several minutes feeling at peace. Eventually, I cleaned up the ‘mess’ and helped my masseuse pack away. We shook hands and she left, not before scheduling in further sessions over the month. Although the doctor had advised me to arrange several sessions across a month or so, I was more than happy to oblige by this point, and literally counting down the days until my next treatment.
After completely my course of 8 asian massage london over the course of a month, the pain and discomfort I had experienced was dead and buried. The masseuse had quite literally milked me dry, but it was the best thing I ever did. And as for me and my wife, we always make time for sex now- after all, that’s what the doctor ordered!

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