10 Things You Shouldn’t Do During a Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)

getting a full body sensual massage in london (fbsm)

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do During a Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM)

getting a full body sensual massage in london (fbsm)

A full body sensual massage (FBSM) is a type of erotic massage or bodywork therapy that’s given to provide sexual arousal. As the name suggests, it covers the entire body with the erogenous zones (genitalia, breasts and buttocks) being focal points. It can be seen as a form of mutual masturbation and can be an integral part of a couple’s sex life. It can be foreplay, after-sex play or even as a form of sex therapy because of its intimate nature.

FBSM is often a hands-only massage (as opposed to body to body massages or nuru massages which involve full bodily contact) and like all erotic massage types, include a “release” at the end for the client. To put it simply, a full body sensual massage is one that involves exciting the senses towards arousal and ends with a physical release for the client. It is a type of erotic happy ending massage.

Most FBSM sessions tend to have male clients and female masseuses, although this isn’t always the case. However for the purpose of this article, let’s assume the client is male and the provider is female. If you’ve never experienced an erotic massage before, here are 10 things you should avoid during an FBSM session…

Avoid These 10 Faux-Par’s during a FBSM Session

1. Don’t be late

Arriving on time is just etiquette and demonstrates good manners, particularly for any kind of appointment. Although it’s your personal time, it’s also your masseuse’s time and time is money, after all. Treat time with respect and you’ll impress her as soon as you get there. If you’re delayed in any way, give her a quick call to let her know. Showing consideration will go a long way and make her more eager to please you.

2. Don’t be too nervous

It’s easier said than done (you’re going to be naked in a room with a stranger), but try to relax. If you’re feeling super nervous, try commenting on the immediate surroundings. This is something actors are taught to do when they’re nervous about meeting a casting director. So just walk in and say something like: “That’s a big, leather chair.” That’s all. Don’t try and make a joke out of it – just make an obvious statement. When you do this, it grounds you in the moment and your immediate surroundings, which gets you away from your nervousness. It also gives the masseuse (aka the casting director) a chance to engage with you on a non-threatening level. Pay attention to their response because it can hint to you what mood they’re in and what kind of massage session you’re about to have.

Giving the masseuse a genuine compliment is also a nice way of engaging with her. It also shows her that you’re an observant man and noticed her effort to look nice for you.

3. Don’t take control and think you’re the boss

Never forget that the masseuse is always in charge and any erotic massage is meant to be a passive activity for the client. Follow her lead and allow her to work her magic in uninterrupted peace.

4. Don’t treat her like a prostitute

It may come as a surprise to many, but erotic masseuses are not prostitutes. Such massage sessions may involve nudity and sensual (hands only) touching of the sexual areas, but it’s the masseuse’s job is not to “get you off”. It’s to help relieve your tensions, physically and mentally, and leave you feeling liberated and energised. If she’s really talented, you might find you do experience a “physical release”, but don’t go into an FBSM session expecting sexual favours. They are not an automatic part of any erotic massage session, but may be offered at the end – if you’re lucky.

5. Don’t be afraid to offer feedback and direction

It’s difficult not to zone out during a massage session because they’re that relaxing, but offering some gentle feedback will make your session so much more effective. For example, tell the masseuse about any sore areas you want her to pay attention to or avoid. Perhaps you’d like a pillow to prop your head up or a particular type of massage oil, lotion or gel. Just let her know and she’ll adjust.

As the massage progresses, let her know what feels good and what doesn’t – politely, of course. Masseuses are always extremely flexible and will tailor the session to your needs so you get the best massage experience she can give you.

6. Don’t touch her without permission

Respect your therapist by recognising and honouring boundaries. Because FBSM is so erotic, it’s difficult to draw the line between what’s acceptable and what’s not. Some masseuses have more of a burred line than others. That’s why you should always ask. And never ever kiss her or her body without warning. Every masseuse, even erotic ones, have limits.

7. Don’t ask too many personal questions

It’s okay to ask some general questions to break the ice. For example, “How long have you been a masseuse?”, “Where did you train?”, “Do you enjoy this job?” – that sort of thing. But don’t venture into personal or sexual life. Gage her reactions too – if she’s willing to answer freely, ask away but if she becomes closed off, don’t push her. If you keep pressing her, you’ll sour the mood. In the end, it comes back to respecting boundaries. The more you get to know her, the more willing she might be to open up in later sessions, but for the time being, let it go.

8. Don’t ask for “extra service”

This is a very dodgy subject. Although FBSM is legal in the UK, it’s illegal to run a business that offers sexual acts in exchange for money. There are many erotic massage services that offer ‘happy endings’, but it depends on the individual masseuse. The wording of the massage service’s advertisement and the mood of the massage session itself will also suggest whether or not there are extra services.

But don’t go into an erotic massage expecting a sexual service. Let the masseuse make the decision.

9. Don’t think about work or your problems

While you’re having the massage, focus on the sensations of the massage and the sensations alone. Switch your phone off or put it on silent. Any text messages, emails and phone calls can wait for an hour. Remember that you’ve paid for this, so make the most of it. Allow your mind to drift to your happy place and you’ll reap the full benefits of the erotic massage.

10. Don’t forget to tip and don’t be stingy about it

Tipping is a nice gesture and don’t skimp on it either – especially if you genuinely enjoyed the massage and your time with her. If she thinks you were stingy, she might not be as available for you next time. Tipping is especially vital if the massage ran over time or the therapist went out of her way to please you. Erotic massage is a business and a special one at that, so be classy and leave a nice tip.

So there you go: 10 things to avoid doing during an erotic or full body sensual massage session. May all your sensual massages be fulfilling experiences! If you are interested in getting a fbsm massage in london then don’t forget to check out main website and book one of our stunning Asian masseuses, you won’t be dissapointed.

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